Podcast: Brian McRae Talks Steroids,Mark McGwire and Hall of Fame

Robert Rees@therobertreesContributor IIJanuary 16, 2010

Co-host Steve Foster pictured with Brian McRae

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Former MLB player Brian McRae was our special guest to talk about Mark McGwire, steroids in baseball and the Hall of Fame.

Conversation started talking about when he got into Major League Baseball.

When asked about Mark McGwire's recent confession.

Him coming forth was pretty choreographed. It's not how I would have liked it. Came across as if he wanted people to feel sorry for him, as if he was forced into it. Guys back then were taking everything off the shelf and didn't know what it did to their bodies.

Then later in life in life their bodies started to break down, THEN they'd go get steroids to help heal. People abused everything they took which caused their bodies to break down.

If people were only hitting 30-40 home runs there wouldn't have been any investigation.

There was some talk about supplement companies including EAS and how some products were pitched as safe because they were over-the-counter.

Brian responds that we are a "pill taking" society so he doesn't know why the public is getting so upset since they are taking pills and drugs themselves and athletes are just like them. He tells how players take anything they can to get an edge including Ritalin and other.

When asked his opinion on MLB banning more and more substances.

In his opinion, baseball players are trying to do things that their bodies aren't meant to do, so players take things to "get through." He explains that olden day players were on amphetamines, so in every age players do something to function. Sometimes players took drugs for comfort levels, and some took it for injury recovery.

When asked if drugs help a player hit.

Don't know for sure, but if you heal faster then yes it will help you hit. If you pull a muscle and NORMALLY wouldn't be able to hit, but the team gives you a shot and then you can go play, then you just got a "performance enhancing drug."

He cites Cortisone shots just mask the pain, but they give those to players all the time and has players who take it then seriously hurt themselves because they feel like they're okay.

Overall, he feels like in twenty years some of the stuff we won't end up being as bad as what we currently think, the problem is that people ABUSE the drugs.

He also uses Lasiks as an example of performance enhancing.

When asked if steroids help players hit the ball further or swing faster.

We just don't know. There's too many players that flamed out who were on steroids. There were only two more home runs hit in 1998 than in 2009.

Do you think 'roid users deserve to get into the Hall of Fame?

If they put up the numbers they deserve to get in. Think about hitters roided were hitting against pitchers roided up.

What about Dale Murphy and others pre-roid era getting into the Hall of Fame.

It's the Hall of Fame, it is for the great not the pretty good. Dale Murphy comes up short because he had bad numbers later in his career. Same with Fred McGriff.

Lots of talk on Dale Murphy and other players and why they are not in the Hall of Fame.

Do you think the home runs hit in the 90s and 2000s hurt players in the 80s from getting into the Hall?

I think it helps them because people say they were pure.

Some talk on steroids getting a bad image because of Lyle Azedo and Ken Caminiti's death.

No, those guys were into other things that led to their deaths.

What are you doing now?

Coaching a high school age team in Kansas City. They travel around the country to showcase their talents to get them to play for colleges. They travel throughout Texas and play teams around there. Tries to act as a role model to the kids he coaches as well.

He also does some pre and post game radio work for the Kansas City Royals and will do some work for the USA baseball team. Would like to get into additional broadcasting as well.

Thanks to Brian for coming on the show & good luck to him in his coaching and broadcasting.

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