Simply The Best: Kurt Warner Redefines Greatness

D TContributor IApril 1, 2017

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Here's the scene:

Arizona caps off a wild shootout over Green Bay with a fumble recovered for a touchdown in overtime.

Everybody's adrenaline is pumping like they just shot straight espresso into their veins.

Commentators rave about great performances by two quarterbacks, an old-timer and an up-and-comer.

Then, some stat guy looks and realizes Warner had more touchdowns than incompletions, against a Packers defense rated No. 2 in football.

"Holy guacamole," he whispers to himself. "That's epic. That's, like, Canton epic."

"This dude should be in the Hall of Fame," he says a little louder than necessary.

The talking heads glare at him for interrupting, one about to chastise him for saying something ridiculous.

Slowly, but surely, a light dawns in his eyes, his jaw drops, and he exclaims "By harry, you're right, Max!"

The stat guy doesn't bother to inform him that his real name is Carl. But he's set the ball rolling.

All of a sudden, memos are going out to Fox Sports, ESPN, and Bleacher Report.

"This just in: Kurt Warner could be a Hall-of-Fame candidate!"

Okay, maybe that's not exactly how the situation happened, but there seems to be hall-mania when talking about Kurt Warner—as though no one realized before that game how great of a quarterback Warner really was.

It's true, sometimes it takes a big, dominant performance to open the eyes of the skeptics, haters and detractors, but really?

A Google news search for "Kurt Warner" "Hall of Fame" brings up over 2,000 articles, presumably related to that game (no, I didn't check all of them. Deal with it.).

I'm sorry if I'm insulting anyone's intelligence, but I thought the whole world knew he was a hall-of-fame quarterback well before that game. Before this season ever started, even.

I won't sport with your intelligence by going over the numbers. Look that up yourselves in one of these ubiquitous "Warner can now rest on solid credentials" articles. This is an opinion piece. :)

Sorry. Warner to the Hall was a given before this season.

This season has only padded his stats for candidacy to another, more loftier position.

I submit to you Kurt Warner, candidate for Best Quarterback Ever.

Kurt Warner is the Babe Ruth of quarterbacks. His place in the books is as solid as the Bambino's.

He doesn't hold the loftiest records, most games under his belt, or have the gaudiest numbers (well, not ALL the gaudiest numbers).

But when someone beats him in one category, he beats that someone in multiple other categories.

I don't know who could argue that there's ever been a better postseason quarterback than Kurt Warner—and I hope people's eyes are opening to the idea that, better than a "very good" quarterback, better than a "great" quarterback, Warner should have his name right up there with the greatest quarterbacks ever.

And, maybe if he can pull out another Super Bowl...well, maybe his name comes out on top of that conversation.

So speaks this Tom Brady and John Elway fan. I'm willing to put aside my pride in my favorites and admit there's a bigger shadow being cast.

Simply the best, Mr. Warner. Simply the best.