HBK Vs Undertaker at WM26. No Need. Here's a Couple Of Alternatives...

Ste EContributor IJanuary 15, 2010

There's naturally been a lot of debate recently about whether or not The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels should have a Wrestlemania rematch.

Some people are saying there's no need as Taker's already beaten Michaels, some that last year's match was special and a rematch could only be a disappointment, and some that the magic has been made and should be left untouched. Others are saying we should let them go at it again, sit back and enjoy.

Both arguments have their merits, however I belong to the first camp, I think Undertaker and Michaels would put on another great match, but they did it last year and it was right up there amongst the best wrestling matches of all time. Why do it again?

I personally think they should use the challenge Michaels made, and a couple of other things going on in the WWE at the moment, to build two storylines over both brands and I've decided to put forward a couple of ideas to the B/R community.

Firstly, whatever else happens, I think that on Monday, The Undertaker's answer to the challenge Michaels has made should be something along the lines of "I intend to be Smackdown's champion at Wrestlemania, so if you want your rematch you'd better win the Royal Rumble."

That way, he's not saying he won't fight Michaels, just that he's confident he'll be champion and will therefore be facing his number one contender at 'Mania.

I personally want Chris Jericho to win the Royal Rumble. I then want him to star on both Raw and Smackdown while he 'decides' which title he wants to challenge for at Wrestlemania. This fits his desire to stay on Raw, and lets him build rivalries with both champions, which can only be a good thing as he's the most entertaining superstar around at the moment.

'Taker retains his title at the Rumble, and Michaels is obviously annoyed that it now looks like he won't be facing 'Taker at Wrestlemania, but shows on Smackdown a few times (he's a tag champ remember) trying to get involved in the number one contenders race in a few segments with Teddy Long.

Unfortunately for Shawn, DX lose the tag titles to Legacy thanks to interference from new WWE champion Randy Orton and are no longer allowed on Smackdown. However, the fact he now can't go after Undertaker at all means he gets into a rivalry with Orton, and Jericho swerves on his desire to stay on Raw by announcing that to prove he's the face of the whole WWE, and the best in the world at what he does, he will defeat The Streak at WM26.

Shawn Michaels fights Randy Orton for the Raw main event, and Jericho vs Undertaker is the Smackdown main event.

Much as I hate the fact the WWE title has changed hands about a hundred times in the last year, I think Shawn should win his match, and embark on what would probably be his last title run. I think it goes without saying that The Streak remains intact, but it could be an awesome match and it's another opponent 'Taker hasn't fought at Wrestlemania before.

That's my preferred build up to Wrestlemania, including the Royal Rumble results


An alternative (less likely I feel) would be for Shawn to go on to win the Rumble, probably from a low entry number, and then 'Taker to later drop his title, probably at Elimination Chamber. This leaves Michaels with a dilemma, leading to him choosing to take the title shot against Randy Orton. Jericho, having finally been kicked off Raw properly, decides that no-one will dare tell him he can't go on whatever shows he wants once he's proved himself the face of the WWE by going after, yeah you guessed it, The Undertaker.

Either way I think the best case scenario would be two incredibly good matches, Undertaker vs Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton. I don't know what the likes of Cena, Triple H, Batista etc will be doing if my predictions come true, but that's not what this article is about!

Let me know your thoughts.