Gilbert Arenas Is Being Convicted, What About Javaris Crittenton?

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Gilbert Arenas Is Being Convicted, What About Javaris Crittenton?
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As you all know Gilbert Arenas has agreed to a plea agreement that will result in little or no jail time. Gilbert is most likely going to only receive 60-90 days rather than 5 years. Guard Gilbert Arenas admitted to carry the guns into the locker room and before a game during warm ups Arenas was making his hands in a gun shape that resulted in his suspension.

But hold on, have we all forgotten about the story we heard first?

The original story said Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton got into a heated argument over a card game that resulted in guns being brought into the locker room. Both teammates allegedly pulled guns on each other after Crittenton said he was going to shoot Arenas in the knee if he didn't pay him money.

Then Gilbert brought in his 4 guns (unloaded) and a sign that said pick one to Javaris Crittenton, which was supposed to be a joke. However Javaris Crittenton didn't think it was a joke as he pulled out his gun and loaded it.

So why isn't David Stern or the media all over Javaris Crittenton like they are against Gilbert Arenas? 

Both players had guns in the locker room, but only one player is getting the blame.

There are speculations that Gilbert Arenas told Crittenton that he was going to take the full blame, but when the Police got involved Gilbert Arenas told the whole story leading to a police search.

The gun Javaris Crittenton has been described and police have searched his apartment for the firearm but nothing showed up.

Now Arenas will face possible jail time and a possible void of his contract.

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