Randy Orton Issues Unofficial Statement Regarding Allegations

Miss AnnieAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2010

I have been told that Randy Orton posted this on his fan-forum, which he has been known to visit time and again, and which he has had contacts with the adminstrators of.  I think most of us, if not all, have been waiting to hear from his side of the story.  So, here are some of the excerpts from his post.

"I remember that kid saying that to me, and nodding my head at him.  Heres what happened btw. I walked out of Kowloons Friday night around 1230-1am with Santino and the police officer escort, as I was being rudely hounded for pictures and autos ( i had a 640am flight thru minni to lincoln, then a drive to omaha, a match, a drive back to omaha, then a charter to minni, and a drive to rochester for the next show the next day btw)"

"I was confronted by an older women who said "Hey Randy, you spit on my handicapped son a few years ago at a show, what do you have to say about that?” My reply…”so sue me”. Then I proceeded to my car with santino and the cop, and drove back to our hotel by the Boston aiport.

"I know I have been a bit of a hot head in the past, but I DID NOT spit gum and call names to any child. the women is saying I called her son a “retard” 3 times, and spit gum in his face. Come on people, even at my worst temperment I wouldnt call a handicaped child something awful like that. I actually sign anything anytime for any child with any disability."

"I heard just today from wwe attorneys that this women filed assault charges against me. 4 days later? hmmm. oh, and what about the dozens of cops at the restaurant that were there for crowd control since there were over 100 wrestling fans there? Not to mention the cop that escorted me to my freaking car. ill be happy when this is over. I guess if I've learned anything from this, it is not to ever challenge anyone to sure me."


So there.  I mean, I can fault him for spelling errors and grammar, but that's about it.  As I said, in the first two articles about this: the time the alleged incident took place in the report is very questionable.

Another thing, I have pointed out about the time it took for this woman to file the case (four days), which Randy also found somewhat suspect.  I didn't want to say it before, but I feel I really want to now.  Did it take four days to write the story and memorize the script? Hmm.


Note: I partially edited this, cutting it to several paragraphs because he typed it in just one continuous paragraph.