Lingerie Football League: Mist Upset Desire, No Game 16, and a NY-Tampa Preview

Spike RoganContributor IJanuary 15, 2010

LOS ANGELES - MAY 17:  Kelley Britz of the Chicago Bliss team poses at the The Lingerie Bowl announcement of The Formation of The Lingerie Football League at the los Angeles Coliseum on May 17, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Lingerie Football League (LFL) started 2010 off with a bang. The then No. 1 ranked (3-0) Dallas Desire visited the then (2-1) Seattle Mist. The 15th LFL game of 2009-2010 saw a statistically close game again, with the home team coming out on top 28-12.


The game put a two-way tie for the Western Conference between Dallas & Seattle at 3-1. While the LFL is a game heavy on the rush, Seattle had just two more yards rushing than Dallas with 77. Yet the Mist had a nearly twenty yard advantage on passing (103-85).


The very adorable WR, Maggie Pearson who looks like the brainy girl from high school every jock wanted to tap, was the game MVP with five catches for 64 yards and two TDs.


Dallas, who held the ball for two and a half minutes longer than Seattle, yet had 20 less yards offense, and ZERO fourth down conversions to the Mist's two.


Neither team had a turnover, adding to the impressive number of few turnovers this inaugural season. Clearly the LFL players are able to hold on to the ball better than many NFL teams (Pay attention Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, and NY Giants!).


The following week was supposed to be LFL game No. 16 between Denver at San Diego. Well, due to “both teams out of the playoff race," the LFL made a bonehead move and cancelled the game “to avoid unneeded injuries.”


I’m not sure if the LFL is manipulating the Western Conference, or just worried about allegations they have no money to support injured players. (See future article in the coming weeks on that story.)


The LFL regular season ends January 29 between L.A. and San Diego. If L.A. wins it would make a three-way tie of course for the Western Conference. What bothers me is clearly San Diego has been put in “lay down” mode by the league.


Shouldn’t they have played Denver so the game with L.A. could mean 2-2? This just looks bad. It is also crappy for the three teams fighting for the Eastern Conference Championship. Chicago is the top seed, with Miami and Tampa in the heat of a fight to play them.


Meanwhile, the west looks like it belongs in the WWE. It is an insult to all the players in the east who are busting their busts to be the first league champs. They made a fatal error for the west with that cancellation. What are the odds L.A. will lose now?


The only reason I’m not more upset over this, was the online casino (alleged casino), that jacked my last article to lure people to bet on the New Years game in Seattle. Yes, a shady offshore online casino used my work to get money. I did not approve it, nor did they even credit Bleacher Report.


If you thought I had any doing with that casino, I do NOT, and I do NOT endorse them in any way! If they steal my intellectual work, what are the odds they are NOT stealing YOUR money?


With that off my chest, this Friday night the WORST LFL TEAM, the New York Majesty will play the Tampa Breeze at the St. Pete Times Forum. (Unlike the New York team that played home games in Reading, PA or the Philadelphia team that called Trenton, NJ home.)


Why even break this down? Seriously, New York stinks; Tampa is a hard-hitting, talented team with a real bunch of hotties. I love me No. 14’s trunk in uniform! I say Tampa will win, by 18 points.


Now I may sound bitter with the LFL—I am. The cancellation of game No. 16 was weak. But I can be bought, I wear 3XL, love to play beer pong, and lack a 2010 calendar. (Wink,wink, nudge,nudge!)