The Credibility Of The WWE Hall Of Fame

John PaprikaContributor IJanuary 14, 2010

In a few months we are approaching Wrestlemania 26. Another thing that's a feature of the lead up to the event apart from celebrity involvement is the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Seeing some of the inductions to me is pretty nostalgic seeing wrestlers who I grew up with being inducted. However, in recent times I have to question some of the people inducted into the hall of fame and the notable exclusions. Having said that I think there are a number of issues that challenge the credibility of the hall of fame.

Firstly, the continued exclusion of notable wrestlers. It puzzles me that "the macho man' randy savage and the ultimate warrior continue to be not inducted. I'm aware that McMahon has had issues with these two in the past but for the sake of the wwe and wrestling they should be inducted. Both achieved their fame in the wwf, headlined wrestlemanias and both won the wwf championship in a time where only hulk hogan really held onto the title. To not have them is like not having michael jordan in the basketball hall of fame or babe ruth in the baseball HOF. Vince should put his personal vendetta aside and have them inducted for the sake of the wwe hall of fame.

My next issue is the induction of certain others. The main two people I've had an issue with are Pete Rose and William 'The Refrigerator' Perry. It's not because they are celebrities but because what have they done for the wwf that randy savage or ultimate warrior haven't done? Pete Rose was only tombstoned by Kane and Perry didn't even win the battle royal he competed in. I personall believe that Mr T and Lawrence Taylor are more worthy. Mr T helped headline the first WM and put the event on the map while although he wasn't a skilled wrestler, Taylor also headlined a WM.

My final issue is with the induction of wrestlers who achieved their fame outside of the wwf. We have seen the likes of Bill Watts, Dusty Rhodes and the Von Erichs be inducted when they achieved fame outside of the WWF. By no means are they not worthy of being in the hall of fame but why are they a priority over others who helped make the wwf popular like savage, warrior and bruno sammartino?

The WWE hall of fame deserves to be a spectacle and honour to be apart of. It should represent the best of the best in the company's history. However there are a number of issues that tarnish the credibility of it. McMahon should put personal agendas aside and let the above mentioned absentees be inducted. The number andtype of inductees should be closely monitored as well.

As always I'm open to feedback and like listening to others' opinions on my articles