NCAA Needs To Impose Restrictions On When Coaches Can "Transfer"

William Ramsey@bigpermramseyContributor IIJanuary 14, 2010

The question has been posed to me too many times the past few days and I have no good answer as to why the NCAA has not enacted some kind of rule for it.

Why does the NCAA not have a rule about when coaches can transfer or change schools?  Especially during this heavy recruiting period leading up to Signing Day?

It is a question that is worth asking and yes I ask it for one as a Vol fan.  Lane Kiffin mumbled some gibberish Tuesday night in Knoxville about how he was leaving the Tennessee program a lot better than he found it.  Let us analyze that a bit shall we?

We still had off the field problems just like we did during Coach Fulmer's last year at the helm.  As a matter of fact, who brought these freshmen in that decided to rob someone on campus wearing the Orange?  This was Mr. Kiffin.  You cannot blame their actions on Coach Fulmer.

Next, let us look at the record.  Coach Fulmer in his last year as Vols top dog managed just 5-7.  Kiffin managed just 7-6.  If I am doing my math correctly, that is just two more wins and only one fewer losses.  Not what I would call stellar by any means.

Finally, and I guess back on message, he recruits heavily for Tennessee and has 23 verbal commitments with the sixth strongest class in college football.  Thats great and all, but not when you sell them on Big Orange Country and then skip off in the middle of the night to again be a Trojan man.

Several players decommitted and found different schools the day after Kiffin's announcement to go to Los Angeles.  So now what he has done is prove nothing as a coach and then leave his successor and the rest of the program in shambles!

My point is there should be a law against it.  We have rules for everything else, although Kiffin doesnt know them very well. 

The timeline I would impose is the day after the BCS Title Game until the day after National Signing Day.  No coach would be able to switch teams and abandon their program in the middle of the night the way Kiffin did, under a veil of darkness.

I hope the bleacher creatures agree with this article as I have literally sat and racked my head on this subject since we had this sudden Lane Change in Knoxville.  Hopefully one day, a rule will be set and fans and players wont be left looking like idiots when their coach leaves them high and dry during such a critical time.