7 Ridiculous Contracts The Brewers Couldn't Pull Off

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7 Ridiculous Contracts The Brewers Couldn't Pull Off
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Mat Gamel- 2 year, 3 million dollars- Ok, we don't need him but if McGehee sucks in 2010, then the younger Gamel will be his backup. And he would be cheap too... especially for how good he will be in the future.

Casey McGehee- If Gamel doesn't beat him for starting third baseman, then he will get Gamel's contract and more.

Yovani Gallardo- The longest contact on this list: 10 Years- between 21-30 million dollars. This is ridiculous, but if you see how lights-out he is now, picture him in 5 or 10 years from now? We've got an ace-in-training here people!

Prince Fielder-The SECOND largest contract on this list: 9 year, 85-100 million dollar contract. YES DEFINITELY this would be the single greatest thing in Brewers history. How awesome would it be to lock Prince up! The only problem is his contact may be too big or too small!

Corey Hart- 4 year, 22-24 million dollars. Overshadowed by Braun and Fielder, and unappreciated in Milwaukee. I can promise you: Put him in NY or Boston and he will be headline news, only because of the size of fans in that area of those two cities.

Others may include: Carlos Villanueva, Claudio Vargas, and Alcides Escobar- This is For some arbitration eligible people, purely for entertainment


-Since some people are arbitration eligible, this may be for their future as their ML experience grows. As of now they do not need contracts.

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