Mike Leach Supporters, Team Leach, Rally Like the West Texas Wind

Alli MContributor IJanuary 14, 2010

Lubbock, Texas—Something of a rare occurrence in the South Plains happened: The sky was completely overcast, and students and the community stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the middle of Texas Tech’s Memorial Circle to have their voices heard. 

With counts of over 500 (respectively) people in attendance, the Team Leach Web site streamed the rally live.  Upwards to 2,000 people logged in throughout the stream with about 1,300 people in the Internet count by the end.

Five different radio stations were in attendance as well as a special speaker via phone.  Mike Leach called in during the rally to speak to the students and give his thanks.  Noted, Tommy Tuberville had expressed his wishes to be in attendance as well, but he is still in Florida for the Coaches’ Convention.

The streets were littered with signs stating, “Are you proud…,” and “Lead by example,” and even “Sovereign Truth.” Memorial Circle was a fitting place to hold this rally. 

Memorial Circle is located in the front-middle portion of the Texas Tech campus.  It is also right next to the Administration Building.  It is mostly out of the way so as not to disrupt the flow of classes, yet large enough to hold a good number of people.  Memorial Circle was created for the men and women who died in service while still having strong ties to the university.  Flags are always lowered in honor to a fallen solder or classmate. 

With this being said, Memorial Circle was a good location because the 500 or so people were gathering to demand answers from the Administration, and to show their support for their university, their Captain, and their rights as Techsans.  

If you are familiar with the West Texas wind, it is continuous, constant, and usually very strong.  People in this region tend to learn to ignore the wind as it brings in tons of dust and dirt.  I feel like the rally was much like the West Texas wind, loud and forceful with tons of potential, but not worth much, yet.  

Most of what was said in the speeches was a bunch of hoop and cheer.  It was almost like a High School spirit rally before the big game.  I feel like this was a success and a failure.

It showed that people are not afraid to organize for a cause, but I also feel like Team Leach did not make a big enough impact.  I feel like they were too general with the rally and needed to lay out more concrete guidelines to their goals.

Team Leach has made their intentions clear by publicly stating that they are going to try to sit down in private with the Administration.  Team Leach needs to do more than just cheer and yell "foul."

If they really believe in what they claim, they need to take a more definite stance.

Team Leach has a lot of potential but not enough punch yet.  I am curious to see what this group is going to do in the future. 

“And so the victor's flag we wave, 
It flies atop the mast.
 And though the others rant and rave,
 Tis they who came in last.”

Excerpt of “Jibe Ho!” by Linda Ann Nickerson