Should WWE Take A Chance And Give Kofi Kingston The WWE Championship?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2010

With a number of WWE Superstars being named the Future of the company one man on RAW,with The Miz being a close second,is definitely the future of not only the WWE,but it's flagship show.

WWE has being doing a very good job pushing young talent to the top of their respect Divisions as of late with Legacy,The Miz,Ezekiel Jackson,John Morrison,Drew McIntrye,and CM Punk being a few named as young talent being pushed to the Top of the WWE as of late,but one man in particular who WWE should take a chance on getting a huge Main Event push like Sheamus is none other than Kofi Kingston.

Kingston has everything an Upper-Midcard talent needs to jump ahead of his game into the Main Event scene,ring skills,charisma,pretty good on the mic(without the Jafackin' accent),and pretty decent merchandise sales. And i think the WWE should take the same chance they did with Sheamus on Kingston.

This past Monday on RAW it was a pretty good indication that the WWE has plans for Kingston to eventually Main Event,as we saw John Cena Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Randy Orton for the Number 1 Contender to the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Which would also see Orton pick up the win,but i really think Kingston should have gotten the win as a chance to prove he belongs in the Main Event.

Although fans have been wanting something like a Heel Vs Heel match in the WWE for years now,Orton Vs The Celtic Warrior sounds pretty bad. Reasons? Sheamus is still new to the WWE Universe,and hasn't done much to gain merchandise sales,or so much as a pop(he barely gets heat if anything),now i'm not bashing Sheamus or anything i was actually pretty damn happy Sheamus won the WWE Championship off Mr.NeverGiveUp,but having the Irish Newcomer face off against someone like Orton who has established himself,and is a grand merchandise salesman/PPV Drawer is something that Sheamus may not be ready for. Sheamus facing Cena was logical due to Cena needed fresh talent to face off against,and not to mention that Miz couldn't to it due to him being buried by Cena a total of 3 times already,as well as The Miz already being RAW's Top Heel Mid-Carder at the moment(and United States Champion on a side note),and Sheamus was the only heel that was on the rise without a Championship,or challenging for a Championship at the time.

Kofi Kingston should definitely be next in line for the WWE Championship,especially if Sheamus drops the title to Orton at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View,because not only could this re-freshen their feud,but Kingston has found an arch rival in The Viper. And i'm sure no one wants another 3 years of Cena/Orton.

If Kingston doesn't win the Royal Rumble,or Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 26,then WWE would be making a mistake. Kingston is definitely over with the crowd,and has proven himself that he can hang with the big dogs thanks to Orton,so why not take another chance and give the strap to him if they still plan on pushing young talent?