One Student Dead, Seven Injured in the Latest Display of Soccer Violence.

Christopher HayesCorrespondent IJune 25, 2008

The AP is reporting that there has been a shooting in Lima, Peru, which took place between opposing fans on the way to a match between Universitario de Deportes y Alianza Lima.

A 21 year old student died and seven others were wounded when their bus was attacked by at least one man riding a motorcycle.

The bus was marked with the Universitario colors, and witnesses claim that the gunman was a fan of Alianza Lima.

The man was reported to have pistols, pellets of some kind (maybe shotgun shells), and Molotov cocktails in his possession.

More details should be available in the morning.

But while we wait to hear details about an incident this senseless, we realize the small things don't matter.

A boy is dead, and he didn't need to die.

It's so simple that it's callous.

And yet, we will look for reasons behind his death. Assign blame. Debate will be fueled with the blood of this young man.

Just two days ago Brad Carroll wrote an article for BR entitled World Football: The Ugly Side of Sport. In it he describes several incidents of violence that have happened in the world soccer community over the last few years.

I kept trying to figure out why the people had acted in the ways they had. Tried to rationalize the outcomes. 

Some you can and some you can't—and ain't that just the truth.

Every day, things happen that defy explanation and these things in turn rip the hearts out of thousands of people.

Here we have a man who attacked a bus full of college students on the way to a game, but he was ready for more. He had Molotov cocktails? That takes preparation, planning—sickness. Clearly this guy was looking for trouble.

Darkness has once again been cast over the footballing world with an act of senseless violence.

In the coming hours we may come to know more about the motives behind the actions, but the results will still be the same.

Daniel Blanco Fernández, 21, will still be dead and people will still grieve.