Why Professional Athletes Can't Have Regular Jobs (Funny Quotes)

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Why Professional Athletes Can't Have Regular Jobs (Funny Quotes)
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Yogi Berra's Deciples?
Yogi's language seemed to be sprinkled with funny phrases and convoluted logic.  It always seemed to make sense in a strange way.
The sporting world is populated with many athletes who make interesting use of the English language, not to mention the judgement that is demonstrated. Here are just a few gems.
1. Chicago Cubs ' outfielder Andre Dawson on being a role model: "I wan' all dem kids to do what I do, to look up to me. I wan' all the kids to copulate me." 
2. New Orleans Saint s ' running back George Rogers, when asked about the upcoming season: "I want to rush for 1,000 or 1,500 yards, whichever comes first." 
3. Upon hearing Joe Jacoby of the 'Skins say: "I'd run over my own mother to win the Super Bowl," Matt Millen of the Raiders said: "To win, I'd run over Joe's Mom, too." 
4. Torrin Polk, University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John Jenkins: "He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings."
5. Football commentator and former player Joe Theismann: "Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
6. Bill Peterson, a Florida State football coach: "You guys line up alphabetically by height." And, "You guys pair up in groups of three, and then line up in a circle."
7. Boxing promoter Dan Duva, on Mike Tyson going to prison: "Why would anyone expect him to come out smarter? He went to prison for three years, not Princeton."
8. Stu Grimson, Chicago Blackhawks' left wing, explaining why he keeps a color photo of himself above his locker: "That's so when I forget how to spell my name, I can still find my clothes."
9. Lou Duva, veteran boxing trainer, on the Spartan training regime of heavyweight Andrew Golota: "He's a guy who gets up at six o'clock in the morning, regardless of what time it is."

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