It's Official, The Viper Meets Sheamus at Royal Rumble for Title

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2010

Its official, etched in stone if you will, that Sheamus will take on Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble for the title. Sheamus did try to get out of fighting and defending his belt at RR. He said that he just defended it two weeks ago and won, therefore he says he shouldn't have to defend it at this PPV. 

He no sooner said that and Randy Orton came out and told Tyson that he should be be the number one contender for the belt. Sheamus was taken back when Tyson agreed with Randy.

To tell you the truth in my opinion, I thought I saw a bit of fear in the eyes of Sheamus. He knows Randy is psychotic and will not hesitate for one second to wipe the the floor with someone.

The crowd was chanting Orton's name. That shocked me. This I did and didn't expect, but John Cena's music came on and as usual, the WWE Universe went crazy.

John and Randy exchanged some smack until yet another voice was heard. It was none other than Kofi Kingston. Kofi said that he never had a championship title shot but Cena and Orton both had the belt numerous times. This is very true.

They were all looking at Mike Tyson and waiting for him to say something, which he did little of up to this point. We all knew this was coming, Tyson made a Triple Threat Match.

Yes siree, it was Cena, Kingston and Orton, all vying for that almighty belt. Who could or can blame them. It means prestige, power, and it shows just how good that person is that's holding it at that particular time.

As the story goes, everyone wanted Cena or Kofi to win but it didn't end up that way. Cena was left out on the floor thanks to Legacy. Of course they had to interfere.

John was by the steel steps and Cody Rhodes kicked the stairs into the head of Cena. He (Rhodes) immediately jumped up on the ring apron, keeping the ref occupied (I think thats a bunch of crap with those refs and not "seeing anything") while Ted Dibiase did what he wanted to Kofi Kingston.

Well you all know how the story ends. Yes its Randy Orton vs. Sheamus at RR. I can't wait to see that match. Its inevitable that they will take each other to hell and back, no pun intended Undertaker.

The viper against the crazy man from Dublin. Psychotic vs lunacy. I have come to like Sheamus somewhat and I can even tolerate Orton somewhat too.

They need to keep Legacy in the back and if they come out, Orton gets disqualified. This needs to be a clean fight even though thats not Orton's style.

Who do you think will win? There is only one way to tell and thats to watch it.