A Slow News Week: TNA News and Notes Concerning the Roster

Bill LCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2010
It has been a fairly slow news week in TNA Wrestling, even with the fallout from the Jan. 4 head-to-head night of wrestling.  Here are a few odds and ends all picked up into one place as there wasn’t much to put into separate pieces.


Sean Waltman already feeling the heat?

Wrestling Observer has noted that Sean Waltman is apparently getting heat from TNA officials.  Tuesday night, Waltman arrived very late to the iMPACT Zone for the television taping.  Waltman is on a short-term deal with TNA.

ForceofWrestling.com and ProWrestling.net were both reporting that Waltman was complaining of “stomach flu.”  Several wrestlers are skeptical of this excuse that Waltman laid out.  Management is giving him the benefit of the doubt for this incident.

Some are surprised TNA even brought Waltman back to the fold.  Readers may remember that Waltman was a witness against TNA in the discrimination suit Konnan brought against the company.  That suit ended with a rumored six-figure settlement in favor of Konnan.

It certainly doesn’t bode well for Sean over the long haul if he’s getting heat already for being late for a TV taping.  He is being counted on to take most of the bumps for Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.


Scott Hall’s Future with TNA?

Scott Hall has been pretty excited about the return he has made to TNA.  He’s also hoping that it lasts longer than the previous stints. 

When he appeared on the Jan. 4 episode, he looked heavy, but insiders are saying he is in better shape than he has been in years past.

Company officials have been looking for Hall to prove himself prior to extending any sort of longer term deal to him.  TNA officials are probably remembering how he ‘no-showed’ a pay-per-view event in one of his previous stints with the company.

The bad news is that Hall looked to be in obvious pain on Tuesday after the television taping.  This has surprised many in TNA.  More than one person noted that Hall appeared to be struggling more than Hogan did to get around.

This isn’t surprising to me.  Hall, despite maybe being in the best shape he's been in for a while, still seemed unprepared to be in the ring when he debuted on Jan. 4.


Scott Steiner and Kip James: Futures unclear?

Scott Steiner and Kip James were both backstage at the Tuesday taping.  Steiner was scheduled to wrestle, but did not.

Sources are saying that both stars were to meet with Terry Taylor, TNA’s Talent Relations Manager, in the very near future to discuss their futures within the company. 

Kip James was already rumored to have been let go at the same time as Cody Deaner, but it’s obvious that he is still with TNA at this time.

Steiner’s future has been up in the air.  Rumors have been flying since about October that Steiner was going to be released.  When Booker T was let go after Bound for Glory, Steiner was rumored to go at the same time.

His performance at Bound for Glory was redeeming enough to keep him around for a little bit.  It seems since his feud with Bobby Lashley that there hasn’t been much for him. I guess the appropriate phrase here is "Stay tuned."


Brooke Hogan Causes Monday Night Hysteria unknowingly

Brooke Hogan told Bubba the Love Sponge on air that she would be in Orlando for the TNA tapings on Monday night (Jan. 11).  She mentioned this in the interview as “the live broadcast.”  Bubba responded by saying that she made the announcement too early.

Sources are saying that another live date for TNA is indeed on the Spike schedule, but the date is not known.   All that can be said is that it will not be soon.

TNA will have tapings for four shows over three days (January 18-20) following the live Genesis pay-per-view event.  The company will then tour the UK.

If they were to make a move to Monday night now, the tour of the UK would have to be either rescheduled or canceled altogether. I guess we’ll just excuse Brooke’s verbal faux-pas and pass the time by watching taped versions of iMPACT on Thursdays for now.

Given Bubba's reaction to Brooke's comment, it seems that Spike and TNA are working toward more live Monday night iMPACT broadcasts.

Who is the mystery man to arrive at Genesis?

The Genesis pay-per-view has had next to no hype at this point, which is a subject for a different article altogether.  Nonetheless, rumors are indeed flying around about who may be making a debut at the event.

It was leaked out by JB’s Twitter account that a “name” talent will be making their debut on Sunday.  There are three big names that keep circulating: Ken Anderson, RVD, and Tommy Dreamer. 

Given Tommy Dreamer’s 90-day no-compete clause with WWE, it eliminates him as the mystery man.  RVD has stated in the past that he is not going to be landing in TNA any time soon.

This brings us to one name: Ken Anderson, known to many as the former “Mr. Kennedy”.  Anderson is the strongest possibility, due to his involvement with Hogan and the Hulkamania tour in Australia. 

We will find out on Sunday for certain.  Adding Ken Anderson to their roster is probably the smarter of veteran additions than what you are about to read.  While not RVD, Anderson still has ring ability and has a pretty good skill set on the mic.


More Rumors Surrounding Sid Vicious:

Scott Hall is apparently putting on an internal push to bring Sid Vicious (or Sid Eudy) to TNA.

You may recall a few months back where Sid had made several bold statements on his MySpace page regarding his future.  He also had posted the TNA logo until bandwidth issues required him to take it down.

After finding his MySpace page, I’ve discovered that the logo is up, with the words “Never Say Never” along with it.  There is also a Jan. 10 blog posting where it appears someone is pushing a petition drive to get Sid either to TNA or WWE.

All along, Sid had steadfastly refused to go to TNA, until the Hogan partnership.  Some in the business say that Hogan’s involvement with TNA has changed Sid’s mind. 

Now with Scott Hall bringing an internal push, it could be a matter of time before the self-proclaimed “Master and Ruler of the World” makes an appearance in TNA.

I have to admire the tenacity of Sid's fan base, as many have stated their desire to see Sid in the ring again. 

However, Sid’s best wrestling years are clearly behind him. Let’s just hope that any appearances with TNA are limited.


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