Team Leach: Hoisting the Sails, Techsans for Truth

Alli MContributor IJanuary 14, 2010

Lubbock, Texas—

The power of social networking has become something of an everyday affair.  Flash mobs and scheduling parties is something that most people never give a second thought about when one receives an invite on Facebook.  For the 60,000 person strong Facebook group, Team Leach, organization and passion is going to be their life blood line.  

Team Leach is organizing on Texas Tech's campus at Memorial Circle, tomorrow at 1:00 pm.  

Unlike popular belief, Team Leach IS NOT trying to re-instate Coach Mike Leach, but demanding the Administration and persons involved with the firing of the "Captain" to explain their actions.  In essence, the students are trying to hold the "powers that be" accountable.  

Also, do not confuse the fact that Team Leach exists with these people not supporting their university or Coach Tuberville, but they exist to create a counter balance to the decisions recently made.  

As one fellow Bleacher Report writer has already beautifully stated: "Texas Tech says it’s really about their right to do as they (the Board of Regents and the Administration) please whether they signed a contract or not."  

This is something the students have been aware of for several years.  

Team Leach is preparing for a large turn out regardless of the fact that guests Chancellor Hance, Garold Myers, and Tommy Tuberville, have declined to attend. Leach's attorney, Ted Liggett, was planning on attending but has to appear in court instead and cannot make the rally.  There is rumor to a "guest" appearing.

The local Lubbock press has scheduled interviews starting at 6 am through 8 am.  

Team Leach has also planned to stream the rally live on their website:

One of the organizers of Team Leach, Chris Wash, stated, 

" I believe tomorrow will be a great success, Team Leach is over 60,000 members strong and we've stuck together as team for the past two in a half weeks all in search of the same goal and we're not planning on accepting anything but the truth and making sure we hold the Tech administration accountable for there actions. The rally is just the beginning. Will do whatever it takes to clear coach Leach's name."

Go Team Leach

Wreck Em Tech.