(NFL) Officials: Why Aren't They Held Accountable

Kyle ThompsonContributor IJanuary 13, 2010

DENVER - JANUARY 03:  Referee Scott Green oversees the action between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on January 3, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. The Chiefs defeated the Broncos 44-24.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I have been involved with sports my entire life and not only that, I have watched many games too.  Now I am not so stupid to understand that officials have a hard job and they do make mistakes like the rest of us.  My problem is exactly that.  On the college and professional level these games have major implications riding on them and when I get mad about a call and complain, I hear the same thing over and over again.  "The refs have a very hard job, give them a break, they are only human."  And I have to respond with "Yeah I know, I guess you're right."  That is no longer going to be my response and fans shouldn't have to live with this.

I understand some calls are split second and can be nit-picky at times.  One that could go one way or the other.  Those I can live with.  Like a close play at home plate, a block/charging call, or a little push down the field.  But a helmet to helmet hit, a holding call, a face-mask, a catch or no catch (in baseball), traveling or no traveling; calls like those that are missed just make me angry and can really effect the game.  Not saying the nit-picky calls can't but they are tough to tell split second.

With those blatant fouls or penalties happen and are missed I think about a job a non-official has.  Lets just say a doctor.  If a doctor is looking at you and diagnosis you with the wrong illness and gives the wrong pills, it could put you at a huge risk.  They would probably be sued and fired.  If I was working in a factory and I pushed the wrong button while running my machine and we printed or made 10,000+ wrong items, I would be fired.  My boss wouldn't be like oh you have a tough job and your only human, so you are allowed to make mistakes.  Not a chance, I would be fired.  You could make the argument if it was your first time, you might get a warning and a second chance.  But the when the mistake is consistently made, that is when you are fired. 

Yes, I am a Packer fan, but no I am not here to complain like the rest of us Packer fans (not saying that I haven't voiced my opinion).  I am here to point out that the inconsistency that has come into the job that is officiating has to be stopped.  And it has to stop now.