Brady Quinn's “Bunch”; Two Years Old and Going Strong

John Flyte@bradyquinnContributor IJanuary 13, 2010


Today marks the second year anniversary of the “Brady’s Bunch,” an online message board community for fans devoted to Brady Quinn., was created by a self-employed web designer from the Columbus, Ohio area, who has created websites for U.S. Olympians, including Mark Spitz and Dara Torres, as well as maintaining interests in many other sites.

After faithful devotees formed following Brady Quinn and the site, interest rose into the creation of a message board where these impassioned and sometimes overzealous fans could talk Brady 24/7. On January 12th, 2009, the “Brady’s Bunch” message board was born as part of [Think Grady Sizemore's "Ladies" with just a tad more propriety. No offense ladies. I like what you do. 


As Brady’s popularity grows, so does his faithful elite.

After you have written and read a huge helping of the Bleacher Report; why not join the board?


Click ‘Brady’s Bunch‘ and follow the prompts. Soon there after (usually within 24-36 hours) you will receive a confirmation email to reply to and then you are all set. The message board members are a friendly bunch, but boy are they protective of Brady. If you want to share about all things Brady Quinn, Notre Dame, and the Browns, then that is the place for you. The message board prides itself on no disparaging and derogatory remarks. It is not true that you cannot comment on Brady in a negative light – far from it – we are the first ones TO DO it, but we don’t nor see the need to bash and berate.

Feel free to browse the posts in the background, but we really encourage you to share your stories and opinions. Currently, we have had postings of several hundred Brady Quinn football cards, several thousand photos, editorials revolving around Notre Dame, Cleveland Browns, and football politics, personal anecdotes, and many other topics.

As Brady Quinn grows in strength, intelligence, and spiritual and corporeal maturity in his own life as well as professional life, we will grow too.

A mosaic of the Brady's Bunch banner using thousands of Brady Quinn photos.