Lane Kiffin continues his quest to be hated by America

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Lane Kiffin continues his quest to be hated by America

So it’s pretty clear, given the *ahem* vitriolic responses *sniff* to Lane Kiffin’s decision Tuesday to bolt Tennessee for the USC coaching vacancy, that this whole Southern Cal thing better work out nicely for Kiffin. At the rate he’s burning bridges in the coaching industry, the 34-year-old seems to stand a better chance of being the next John Jenkins rather than the next Bear Bryant.

UT's rock of higher learning

UT's rock of higher learning

Layla Kiffin

Layla Kiffin

Suffice it to say, reaction to Kiffin’s announcement was a bit spirited in Knoxville. We’re still a bit puzzled why people would feel the need to storm a campus and burn mattresses over a coach whose win total exceeded his NCAA violations total by one (7-6, if you’re scoring at home), but shame on us for trying to inject common sense into matters of SEC football. The bottom line, as ESPN’s Pat Forde points out, is that the Trojans are getting a coach whose actual job performance thus far has paled in comparision to the hype and self-promotion that surrounds his traveling circus.

In other words, Kiffin needs to elevate USC back into the national title picture, stat. Hauling his dad across the country to coach the Trojans’ defense will help, as will the hiring of Norm Chow to run the offense. Having Ed Orgeren call UT recruits and advise them not to enroll in classes there so they can follow them out west, as alleged by Chris Low of ESPN, will not help. Particularly when you’re headed to a school that’s already facing NCAA issues of its own.

Godspeed, Lane. Not even your wife’s hotness may be enough to save you now.

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