Hoping For Schadenfreude: Lane Kiffin to USC; New England Patriots Riddled

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IJanuary 13, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 31:  Coach Lane Kiffin of the Tennessee Volunteers watches pre-game warmups before the Chick-Fil-A Bowl against the Virginia Tech Hokies at the Georgia Dome on December 31, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Hokies beat the Volunteers 37-14.  (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)
Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

With a title like that, some might think that I'm a bitter old kook. I'm not. I however, do enjoy seeing people get their comeuppence when they clearly deserve it.


Lane Kiffin

In the perpetual drama that is Lane Kiffin, Kiffin has now left Tennessee for his former employer USC to replace Pete Carroll.

Good hire, bad hire, or WTF?

My answer is the invisible answer. Here's to hoping that USC's hire of Kiffin will lead the NCAA to harshly punish USC. Kiffin is clearly trying to dodge the investigations that he incurred at Tennessee.

The outgoing USC coach, Pete Carroll meanwhile, left while he still could amidst the possibility of disciplinary action by the NCAA for recruitment violations, in regards to Reggie Bush and others.

Here's to hoping that Kiffin gets his comeuppance for treating Al Davis and the Raiders as his personal punching bag.

Here's a good article on the matter from Sports Illustrated :


Brady and the Patriots

B/R allows a writer to write about any team, regardless of fandom. I hate Tom Brady, about as much as Red Sox fans hate the Yankees.

And I love to throw that in the face of Boston fans.

What would sports be without harboring a slight grudge, or relishing in some schadenfreude? Not much fun, in fact. But I keep it to a minimum. I don't hate many things, but I'm willing to do so, when that person or organization treats others like dirt (ex, Brady, media rats), or has no regard for real competition (ex, Tony Siragusa).

I believe in doing unto others, as I would have them do to me. Sometimes though, people try to take advantage of that, and so, I do think they could use a taste of their own medicine.

I thought the Patriots' loss to the Ravens was a fitting end to a season for a dirtbag like Brady, who disrespected Ray Lewis earlier this season, and in effect disrespected the honor of the NFL.

And it really ticks me off when people continue to flatter that brat.

Brady has clearly established himself as the biggest POS in sports history. Frankly, I would like to see players put bounties on his rear, which I think that the Ravens did.  That is why Brady looked like a chicken with his head cut off against the Ravens.

Subjection to merciless violence in my mind is an implied agreement when you choose to play football.

When it comes to an inherently violent sport like football, any player should be prepared to have a merciless bounty put on him, if and when he makes a mockery of the game and other players.

I can tolerate many off-the-field indecencies in sports, but when that indecency clearly diffuses to the game, you're dead to me.