St. Louis Radio Host Blasts Kurt Warner Over 10 Year Old Pizza

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St. Louis Radio Host Blasts Kurt Warner Over 10 Year Old Pizza
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BREAKING NEWS:  Every normal person has a bad day and apparently Kurt Warner  is a normal person. That is if you find someone named “Hanna Hercules”, who works on a show called “Nick and the Badger” , to be a credible source.

On Monday’s edition of the new St. Louis midday sports radio show, which includes neither a badger, a man named Nick, nor a feminine version of Hercules, Hanna shared why she feels Kurt Warner  isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.

“I had a personal experience with Kurt Warner , as a matter of fact. When he was playing for the Rams, I was working at California Pizza Kitchen at Chesterfield Mall and he called in under the name Dave Carney and ordered about—I kid you not—20 pizzas and he couldn’t figure out the last one and I was, like, ‘Sir, you’re more than welcome to take your time, gimme a call back, I’m gonna hold this order here until you complete it so all of your pizzas are ready at once.’ About 25 minutes later, his wife Brenda shows up, looking for all these pizzas and I was like, ‘Are you Dave Carney? Is that your order?’ and she’s like ‘Yes!’ And I was, like, you guys never called back to finish your order for your final pizza…They tried to get me fired and were almost successful in doing it. He actually came in and was (angry voice) “Do you know who I am?! And I was 15-years-old! Just a little hostess…”

Well that changes everything.

Kurt Warner  and his wife Brenda must be horrible people. I mean, we all know a 15-year-old working in the service industry never could have messed up or shown a lack of respect to someone.

Even if it is true, Warner has to feed a family of seven. You’d probably be a little stressed out if someone screwed up too. Plus, an order of twenty pizzas to a family that size is the equivalent of stopping for a Happy Meal to the average family.

Also, I can’t ever imagine Kurt Warner  dropping the “Do you know who I am?” line, especially if he went to the trouble of ordering the pizza’s under an alias. That, and everyone knows that if you place a to-go order at California Pizza Kitchen you have to wait at least three hours before it’s ready, especially at a mall.

Then again, what should you expect from a radio show that refers to itself as “the best combination of sports talk and grab-ass during lunch-time in St. Louis” (which was a distinction previously held by a strip club).

What’s next? We find out that when Matt Leinart  went to tip the Pizza Hut guy it was intercepted by the Dominos delivery guy three doors down?

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