My First Article: WWE Title Championship Scene

Blair T-BContributor IJanuary 13, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler John Cena picks up wrestler Randy Orton during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Hey everybody, I'm Blair

I've been a member of Bleacher Report for about a year. I've read some interesting stories that made me go to my classes just because I could look up whats happening on Bleacher Report. I was introduced to wrestling by my brother, right in the thick of the attitude era around the late 90s. Undertaker and the Ministry had Steph on a cross and Undertaker was going to marry poor Steph. Lucky Undertaker. Anyway, this is my first "bleacher report" (lol) i hope you guys enjoy it

Randy Orton, I'm a huge fan of him. If i ever saw him live I'd be one of those Cena Sucks, RKO fans. One of those annoying fans that make J.R call John Cena a "Controversial" champion. Anyway, Randy won the number one contendership for the title this week. I actually thought John Cena (who during this article will be referred to as "Superman") would have won, but Randy's a better choice to hold the title. He's quite the angry guy though, no need to swear on live TV. But screwing up the finish of a decent match is very STUPID work Kingston. very STUPID indeed. But Randy's so much more awesome when he's angry. Everyone loves that psycho guy that kicked Vince into the moon and back, not the Orton that runs away from Shane McMahon's fake punches. Their are plenty more options for Randy if he wins at the Royal Rumble anyway.

Kingston wouldn't have won the title anyway, Supermans probably gonna earn number one contendership somehow anyway. In my opinion

Ok, so Randy won. He's going to Royal Rumble to face Shaemus for the WWE title

My most likely scenarios are

Randy wins the WWE title, Shaemus goes off into the nothingness he came from, Superman wins Royal Rumble. Randy and Superman has an awesome fued leading up to it featuring cameos from Kingston and Shaemus.


Randy wins the WWE title, Elimination Chamber with Superman, Shaemus and 4 other people that don't really matter because Supermans going to win the Elimination Chamber anyway, go to Wrestlemania and win the title. Cena will also overcome seemingly impossible odds also, can't forget that staple in the career of Superman.


Somehow, Shaemus manages to win against Randy. They put Shaemus over Randy to try and give this unworthy individual from Ireland credibility as a champion who will ultimately prove fruitless on his first title run. Shaemus goes to Wrestlemania up against Superman and loses.


Ted Dibiase will either screw up the match between Randy and Shaemus, making Ted turn face and making Randy very annoyed at Ted.


Ted Dibiase will win the Royal Rumble, turn face. Hopefully lose at Wrestlemania because Teds not worth it.


Both Ted Dibiase scenarios will probably not happen. I don't see what all the fuss is about Ted Dibiase, he's ok to me. I mean if he wasn't the product of his dads semen, he wouldn't be all that amazing. But lets all over indulge in his future greatness because he's in Legacy, and hes a movie star. THE MARINE 2 coming out to all crappy DVD stores around Japan, look in the bulk bins. I'm sure his DVD is priceless, seriously.


Sorry Ted, back to the articles point

To me, I feel that it'll be Superman vs The Viper at Wrestlemania, due to their huge history and their ability to make a awesome feud out of the next 2 months after Royal Rumble. Supermans going to win, because he's probably due a long and uninteresting title reign that will cause raging debate between all the good folk of the Wrestling tab of Bleacher Report


Thank you for reading my articles

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