Please Bill Cowher, Save The Vol Program! Help Us Forget The Kiffin Era!

William RamseyContributor IIJanuary 13, 2010

DURHAM, NC - FEBRUARY 11:  Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher attends the game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils on February 11, 2009 at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina.  (Photo by Kevin Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin Cox/Getty Images

I am writing this at nearly two in the morning after struggling all night to come up with the words to describe how I feel about Lane Kiffin and his backstabbing staff. 

I cannot find them and so I move on to other things.  For example, who should replace the outgoing snake in the grass?  John Gruden was a name that popped into my mind as I know he has ties to East Tennessee and might welcome the opportunity.

Somehow, one name is prevalent in my head and I know it is a true longshot.  Bill Cowher, I cannot get you out of my head sir!  You are a tough guy with a big heart and a lot of class who knows how to teach discipline and respect. 

All of the aforementioned qualities are something not bestowed on our last coach.  You know the guy.  He is on a plane with daddy out to Los Angeles for a big introduction tomorrow.  Kiffin something, but I digress.

It is late in the game for recruiting and Signing Day is fast approaching and right now we have a very strong class.  We cannot afford to lose these guys and a high profile coach might help keep some of these guys in Knoxville for the time being. 

You sir are a high profile coach! The Buffalo Bills right now know what I am saying.  They want you and everyone knows it.  Instead of going up north, why dont you come down south and enjoy the hospitality and coach a football team with a lot of heart and a lot of talent.  There are winners on this team...they just need direction.  You can provide that direction...that drive...that focus. 

What do you say, Coach Cowher?  Give Mike Hamilton a call and tell him you know how you can save his job.  He can hire you...thats how. 

It would be so nice to hear these words:  "Folks, I present to you, the next head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, Mr. Bill Cowher."

Help us make it happen, Coach.