Out of Bounds: Mark McGwire & Steroids – Baseball's Worst Kept Secret

Rahsaan HuntContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

There are times in our lives when we have to lie. Sometimes we tell lies to protect not only ourselves, but also our loved ones from the harm our lies can cause or disappoint in some form or another. Then there are times that we lie because we don’t want anyone in our business. Sometimes you get caught in those lies, and sometimes you don’t. However, whatever the case may be for us to lie, we all have lied about something.
One of the biggest lies in professional sports was steroid usage among players in Major League Baseball. Baseball and steroids went hand-in-hand for years like peanuts and Cracker Jack’s at a baseball game. Steroid usage amongst baseball players was one of sports worst kept secrets, in a sport where your physical features are the most prevalent. There’s no padding in baseball for the exception of catchers and umpires behind first plate. Everyone else on the field is in their uniforms and that’s it. It’s hard not to look at an athlete in that type of setting and not speculate about their work-out habits and if they’re on any kind of PED. In addition, baseball had the worst steroid testing, if there was any form of testing, in the history of pro-sports. It was like taking an oral exam:

Player X: Hi, I’m here for steroid drug testing
Drug Tester: Okay, come right in.
Player X: Sooo, you want me to go into that stall and pee in this cup
Drug Tester: Sure, but before you go in, let me ask you this: are you on any form of performing enhancing drug?
Player X: Ummmmm, No! No, I’m not!
Drug Tester: Oh, well that works for me. Don’t worry about a urine sample, you’re free to go. Keep playing hard.

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