McGwire story joins pantheon of 'No-S—, Sherlock” moments

Matt TarrContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

We’re not exactly sure why, but damned if this Mark McGwire story isn’t continuing to reign chaos over the sports media some 24 hours after his *cough* people *ahem* meticulously unveiled The Admission Plan.

Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire

Frankly, the whole thing seems like a colossal bunch of hooey to us. First of all, only an unfrozen caveman lawyer could possibly have been surprised by Big Mac’s revelation. Secondly, we’ve long held the opinion that if you’re dumb enough to ingest a testicle-shrinking drug purely for our entertainment, then huzzah to you. And lastly, we’ve never quite been able to come to terms with this whole notion that it’s somehow unethical to take steroids to hit more homers, but perfectly acceptable to get gassed up on amphetamines to play doubleheaders while hung over (see Baseball Player, 1960s).

But just in case you can’t seem to get enough of America’s McOutrage, here’s today’s cavalcade of media reaction: