Dodge This: Supplement Draft What a Waste!

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJune 25, 2008


The WWE Supplement Draft is here.  Are we going to see the changes that we are so hoping to see?  Probably not! As a fan, I would like to see big changes and mix it up.  We have seen the same people battle for years and I think it is time to get different rivalries out there.  Think of it, wouldn’t you like to see John Cena going after someone other than Triple H and Randy Orton? Wouldn’t you like to see La Familia split up and Edge and Vickie against each other?

Here are the Supplement Draft Picks:

1st Pick Mark Henry

Mark Henry is leaving SmackDown for ECW.  Mark Henry would have been back with his big friend Big Daddy V, but that’s not going to happen since Big Daddy V won’t be there. So now Mark Henry will have to find someone to challenge his strength against.

2nd Pick Jamie Noble

Jamie leaves SmackDown to head over to Raw. Good move for Raw. Jamie will now get the exposure that he has wanted to get. 

3rd Pick Trevor Murdock

Trevor is leaving Raw to head over to SmackDown.  This could be good for him. If he can get past the singing portion of his career, he’ll do well.  Would just have to sit back and see what he does.

4th Pick Big Daddy V

Big Daddy V is leaving ECW to head over to SmackDown.  I, for one, would just like to say to Big Daddy V “Please wear a shirt or a bra, which is just plain nasty!”  I know that you are a big man and all but that should only been seen in your home not in public.

5th Pick Deuce

Deuce is leaving SmackDown to head over to Raw.  Deuce and Domino are no longer together.  This could be considered a good thing due to lately all they can do is beat each other.  But I for one would love to see them keep fighting with each other. 

6thPick DH Smith

DH Smith is leaving Raw to head over to SmackDown. Nothing comes to mind on this one.

7thPick Hornswoggle

Hornswoggle is leaving SmackDown to head over to ECW.  Hornswoggle and Finlay are no longer on the same show.  Can Hornswoggle make it on his own?  Is there someone else out there that is going to help Hornswoggle?

8th Pick Super Crazy

Super Crazy is leaving Raw to go over to ECW. Super Crazy is going back to where it all began, and I think this is good for him.

9thPick Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo is leaving SmackDown to head to Raw.  This in my book is a good move.  I would like to see him go against some of the Raw roster.  This will be a good learning experience for him. Not to mention he could rekindle his rivalry with Noble.

10th Pick Brian Kendrick

Kendrick is leaving Raw to head over to SmackDown. Good move!  I am extremely happy with this and think that he will do really good back on SmackDown.

11th Pick Matt Striker

Striker is leaving ECW to head over to Raw. No words can come to mind on this one, so I will just leave this one alone. But I will say that John Cena will enjoy beating this idiot up.

12th Pick Maria

Maria is leaving Raw to head over to SmackDown.  This is the first Diva in the draft and I can say that I think she will do just fine in SmackDown.

13th Pick Shelton Benjamin

Shelton is leaving ECW to head to SmackDown.  Shelton Benjamin should be really happy about this move due to SmackDown is where he had started out at. 

14th Pick Finlay

Finlay is leaving SmackDown to head over to ECW.  Finlay and Hornswoggle are both heading over to ECW.  They are still a tag team, and Hornswoggle will still have his protector with him.  I am extremely happy with this draft.

15thPick Carlito

Carlito is leaving Raw to head over to SmackDown.  Carlito is packing up his apples and is heading back to where he once was to SmackDown.  Are we still going to see Carlito’s Cabana?  What a shame that Carlito and Santino are no longer together, just kidding, I think this is good news.

16th Pick Layla

Layla is leaving ECW to head over to Raw.  Layla is going back to where it all began and that is Raw.  Do you think Layla has what it takes to go up against the women in Raw?  What do you think Beth Phoenix is going to do with Layla?  This could turn out to be quite interesting to watch what will happen.

17thPick Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston is leaving ECW to head over to Raw.  This will give Kofi some time to get to know some of the superstars in the WWE.

This is the supplement draft and if you ask me, this was pointless.  They really didn’t make any major changes; this would have been the perfect time to change some of the big names around.  But NO, that wasn’t done and it was actually a big waist of time. 

I really believe that they are going to need to do something to SmackDown, move either Vickie or Edge.  I would have just been happy if they would have moved anyone from La Familia.  For one, Curt Hawkins or Zack Ryder could have been drafted and they weren’t.  Why is that?  Does WWE have some kind of fear over what Vickie will do next?  I would say bring it on honey and just do it.

Now think of this, Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely are on ECW roster, wouldn’t it be nice to see Teddy Long tell them that they can’t make appearances on SmackDown any more?  Wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake?  It is not like Teddy is afraid of Vickie in any way.  I say do it Teddy, you are their boss and have the right to tell them what is what. 


This is my take on the supplement draft.