Player Comparisons: Rose vs Ellis

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Player Comparisons: Rose vs Ellis

I was recently looking around and stumbled upon a intriguing comparison. Monta Ellis vs Derrick Rose. I thought that I would post my opinion to some of the questions asked.

What do you think about these two players and what are their differences?

Monta Ellis and Derrick Rose are very similar players.  The key difference between the two, is how Ellis is determined to find a shot, while Rose looks to find a teammate.  It is only Derrick’s 2nd year in the league, and as he matures and finds a rhythm in his jump shot, his choices might change.  Monta Ellis is a better scorer then Rose, but Rose has better handles, and is a better decision maker when the ball is in his hands.  As Rose continues to develop into a top notch guard I think that his scoring ability will get better.  Monta Ellis is better offensively, being able to hit shots at a high percentage, while Rose is inconsistent with his jump shot, but he has put a lot of time into working on his jumper, this previous summer. The edge goes to Monta here.

Which player do you think is more dominant long term and which player is more dominant currently?

Right now Monta Ellis a much greater scoring threat then Rose.  Only time will tell, but I believe that in a few years Rose will take that skill set away from Ellis and become the most dominant between the two.

What are each of these players’ weaknesses?

Both of these players share the same weakness.  They are both sub-par defenders.  They are yet to show that they can be a complete package.  Ellis has showed that he has been putting in time on his defense.  His defense has been much better recently especially when he guarded Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant.  Ellis was able to hold them to low shooting percentages.

This comes from #1Bulls/Fansource over at OTR, who started the topic:

Rose’s strength and passing abilities surpass Monta Ellis’. Rose has better court vision then Monta Ellis and Derrick Rose has proven he can be a winner, I don’t think Monta Ellis has yet. An impressive accolade, that not even Monta, Chris Paul, or Deron Williams received was that Derrick Rose has the most points(36) in a rookie playoff debut. Derrick is still developing and I would say Monta is better offensively right now then Derrick Rose, but Rose’s career will be better then Ellis’.

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