Who Messed Up On Raw and Pissed Randy Orton Off?

Miss AnnieAnalyst IJanuary 12, 2010

Did you watch last night's Raw? Yeah, of course you did.  It was the usual show: DX skits, Hornswoggle interference, etc.  But, there's something that didn't seem quite right.  And I wasn't alone to notice it.

At the end of the Triple Threat Match for the No. 1 contendership, Randy Orton seemed genuinely pissed.  And I mean like unscripted. Several people on also noticed it the following.

  • He yelled "stupid" and or "f***ing stupid" (at Kofi).
  • He continued to curse after they did the hand raise.
  • Cody asked him if he was all right.
  • He spat seemingly in disgust or something.

So, did somebody botched a move that made Randy really angry like when Mr. Kennedy (allegedly) botched a move?

Two reasons are surfacing above others:

  1. Kofi Kingston kind of went out of script.  He stood up too quickly, after Ted's attack, and Randy pushed him down again, but he stood up again so instead of Randy doing the punt, he went for the RKO. He did look like he was going to kick, but he went to 'coiled' position instead and was pounding the mat saying something like "drop! drop! drop!" Mind you, Randy didn't seem to deliver that RKO too kindly.  It was, with lack of a better term, ridiculously sick.  Kofi's face really hit hard.
  2. Ted DiBiase Jr. took his time to come to his rescue. But really, if it was that, I don't think Randy would've been that pissed. And if that was it, I think this is more likely kayfabe.

It's really hard to tell sometimes whether Orton's really mad or he's kayfabe mad. But this time he looked genuinely mad to me.

See for yourself HERE

What do you think?