The Miz: Main Eventer in the Making

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2010

This past Monday night on RAW saw something that maybe would go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things.
With Mike Tyson stepping in the ring, Sheamus finding out who he'll face at the Royal Rumble, and the continuation of the McMahon-Hart feud, it was a tough job to get noticed.
However one man did get my attention and that was The Miz. Now I'm a big fan of the Real World on MTV and I remember watching Miz on there every week seeing his dreams of being a pro wrestler. I never thought he'd be where he was at the beginning of 2010.
The Miz has easily become one of the seemingly can't-miss prospects the WWE has gathered over the past year or so. The Miz gained most of his notoriety as part of the successful tag team he formed with John Morrison.

When the tag team split up, most people went into the camp of John Morrison being the next big thing. The whole Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty comparison which they played into on WWE TV didn't seem like it could be far off.
The Miz though obviously isn't going to let that happen as he has stepped his game up so much that it's hard to believe this is the same guy that debuted for the WWE via the last Tough Enough.
He was a joke at the time and rumors spread that the WWE locker room didn't take to him very well.
Now, a few years later The Miz has refined in his ring skills, shed a little weight, and adopted new ring gear in which someone can actually take him seriously.
It's a very similar transition to one that Chris Hero made on the indies. Something as simple as new ring music and ring gear can go a long way in the big picture. It could be the difference between being laughed at and being a threat.
Miz right now has found himself in a program with MVP over the U.S Championship. Mostly, the secondary belts and well any belt that isn't the WWE Championship doesn't get much respect on Monday Nights.
But with the Miz's momentum, he might just bring back the old feeling that he who holds the secondary championship is next in line to the main event.
The standout segment on RAW this week was easily the exchange between Miz and MVP. Miz cut a fantastic promo that started off as a worked shoot.
I was browsing the Internet as he started but quickly closed my laptop and started paying attention. While MVP flubbed a few lines, it was a powerful moment that actually got me interested in seeing these two wrestle again.
When two wrestlers can do that, especially two that have wrestled each other a lot already on TV, it's never a bad thing. If the WWE is smart, they'll give these guys some time on the Royal Rumble PPV to go out there and do their thing. 
The WWE has seemed to fail with elevating Kofi Kingston after a program with Randy Orton bombed. I thought that maybe we would see Kofi go to the Royal Rumble as the WWE Championship challenger to get him back up to a legitimate main eventer, but it's not the case.
Now the WWE has another chance to get someone fresh up in that area crowded by only a few men. The Miz should drop the title to MVP or better yet, someone like an Evan Bourne and focus his efforts on the WWE Championship.
I for one would not be against a series of actual matches between John Cena and The Miz, not what we got last year.
The Miz has one of the strongest and clearly defined heel personas in the WWE today. They need to capitalize this and do something with him of some importance before the flame goes out and the fans go back to not caring about it.
It's very hard in this day and age to get true heel heat and the Miz has it right now.
If the WWE pulls the trigger on either a Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase face turn, after they finish off the one who didn't turn, they should go right into a program with The Miz.
The WWE has a precious opportunity to make stars in 2010 and so far it hasn't been working well for them. Please don't give up on the Miz, he's too valuable to let slip through your fingers.