McGwire (Finally) Admits to Steroid Use

Mike GreenspireContributor IJanuary 11, 2010

WASHINGTON - MARCH 17:  Former St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire pauses during testimony March 17, 2005 for a House Committee session that is investigating Major League Baseball efforts to eradicate steroid use in Washington, DC.  Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Allan 'Bud' Selig will give testimony regarding MLB?s efforts to eradicate steriod usage among its players.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

So, today, I get an email from, saying that former Cardinals great, Mark McGwire has (finally) admitted to steroid use during the best decade of his career, most notably during the season in which he broke the home run record.

See, certain things have a tendency to shock me. Such as Pete Carrol leaving sunny Southern California to go to coach the Seattle Seahawks, the Steelers finding a way to lose 5 straight games, the Pistons losing HOW MANY in a row?

But this? Was this seriously THAT shocking to anyone? In my opinion, it's been public knowledge ever since he testified that he "wasn't here to talk about the past", which by the way, is the most utterly annoying quote in the history of man.

As much as I hate to say it, Mark McGwire was always my favorite player when I was just a little kid. As I grew older, the harsh reality of the world sunk in more and more, and I realized that Mark McGwire was a bunch of trash that never had any place in America's pass-time. Even if he broke records, won awards, sold merchandise and tickets, it was all one giant scam.

It's a growing trend in sports these days. Cheating and performance-enhancing drugs have become more and more apparent as everyday things to the point of where it hardly surprises me when i hear about someone in baseball using HGH or 'roids.

The fact or the matter is that until laws and rules are enacted throughout the sporting world prohibiting the use of these drugs, the sports stars that young kids idolize, look up to, want to be like, will continue to secretly stab America in the back.

Thanks, guys. America loves you, but, sometimes, it's a one-way sort of love.