How The Chicago Bears Improve From a Disappointing Season

Trevor BarberContributor IIIJanuary 11, 2010

DETROIT - JANUARY 3:  Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears looks for a receiver during the game against the Detroit Lions on January 3, 2010 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

First off i want to let you know I am a die hard Chicago Bears fan. I want to see the team turn it around real bad. I am disappointed in the team. But how do you bounce back is the question. I am going to got through the reasons the Bears had a horrible year. Also I'm going to mention who we should keep and lose.

How do you recover from a season the Bears had? You trade your possible future quarterback and 2 first round picks for Jay Cutler the Savior quarterback. Good trade, right? Wrong! Jay Cutler lead the league in interceptions. Thanks to a last game versus the Lions his touchdowns surpassed the interceptions. But why did he throw those interceptions???? The offensive linemen let the defense in Cutler's face within 2 seconds. By the time he gets the ball hes lobbing it up for a prayer. Jay Cutler gets to stay.

Look at the old offensive line that has been declining for the last 5 years. LT led by the Hall of Famer Orlando Pace! BUST!! Still Hall of Famer but not with the Bears. Well moving down the line we arrive at LG Frank Omiyale. I thought this guys was supposed to be a god, according to Jerry Angelo. Lock where he got us. NO WHERE! Josh Beekman his back-up maybe, but he's not to great either. Olin Krutz. Possible Hall of Famer. He was an All-Pro Center. Over the last two years he's lost it. I don't get it but whatever. At RG we have Roberto Garza. He's the only descent OL on the team. He's a very under rated player. Lastly we arrive at the first round pick Chris Williams who has I think straight up done nothing at all! Which is better than Omiyale's penalties but whatever. Roberto Garza stays and that's it. Nobody else. Kevin Shaffer who backs up Williams can stay too.

Well lets move on to the back-field where we arrive at Matt Forte and Jason McKie. McKie has to be the most underrated fullback in the league. He actually is really good. He hardly ever misses a block but lots of people don't realize it since the fullback position is very unnoticeable and the only fullbacks that make the pro-bowl are the ones on the Super Bowl teams or the overrated ones on Madden. Matt Forte. His problem was coaching. Why do you run the ball to the guy 20 times a day and 15 of them are straight up the middle?? THIS GUY IS A CUTBACK running back. He jukes he;s not power. We had to have realized that it wasn't working. Well then since all the back-ups are gone with injuries, we ad Kahlil Bell take over. And that did nothing. Forte, McKie, and the surprising Garret Wolfe stay. Adrian Peterson and Kevin Jones go. Bell can stay too. But why rely so much on the run game when we have Wide Receivers like Devin Hester.

Well our receivers didn't do too bad. We had 5 receivers get at least 400 yards and Devin Aromashadu who only played like 3 games had 300 himself so that was good. Greg Olsen had 600 yards receiving. He did surprisingly descent. Devin Hester had a pretty good year for someone who isn't a Wide Receiver. He's a SLOT player. He's a Wes Welker.  He can juke and run and catch. Hester can't jump at all. And did you see him the last game at KR. He took the opening kickoff 50 yards. Ya think that the coach finally figured out where he should be playing?? hmmmmm. Earl Bennett had a good year for receptions but no yards. He had a decent year for the 3rd string. Johnny Knox had a huge surprise year and he's more of a number 2 guy. Devin Aromashadu. Do I need say more. This guy can be a good wide receiver. Not great but good. When you put 4 receivers like Bennett, Knox, Hester, and Aromashadu together then its like placing Jacoby Jones (HOU), Piere Garcon (IND), Robert Meechum (NO), and Malcom Floyd (SD) together. Good but not great. I say keep Olsen, Desmond Clark, both Devin's, Knox, Bennett and drop Rasheed Davis and Iglasius. 


Defensive Line: DROP EM ALL! Not really. I say Ogunlye and Brown have to go. Mark Anderson has been a great back-up all these years but every year they give him less and less time. Is there a reason you gave a 2nd round pick for Gaines Adams?? USE HIM! We screwed our draft for this guy. USE HIM! I say next year we need a D line of Anderson, G. Adams, and Harris and maybe Idonoje. Ogunlye, Dvorachek, and Brown have to go. 

The Linebackers. WE HAD 3 ALL-PRO LINEBACKERS! AND DID NOTHING! Urlacher is done. Career Over. Sorry buddy you are no longer a Bear. Same with Tinoisamoa. Injuries are killing us. Briggs has to stay. He's without a doubt the Bears best player. Briggs is a monster. We have some other fresh linebackers that did an ok job filling in. Hillenmeyer should stay with Briggs and we need to find a middle linebacker somewhere. Randy Moss was traded for A 4TH round pick. We can get a Boss Baily or something to fill that spot for cheap. Urlacher, Jamar Williams, Tinoisamoa, gotta go bye bye. Nick Roach can stay too.

Lastly the secondary. The worst part of the defense. I'm too tired to write about how bad they did and I could write a book about how bad they did so I'm going to give a simple run-down. We benched a former pro-bowler in Nathan Vasher, we had two 5 round picks starting Al Afalava and Zackary Bowman, and a 4th round pick by the end of the year in Craig Steltz. I say that we have to drop a lot of our secondary. Tillman got burned on so many occasion I didn't have enough cells to count it. Don't get me wrong the guy is all-star potential in forced fumbles and interceptions but he can't cover. Maybe he should talk to Darelle Revis. Tillman, Vasher, Manning, Graham, Payne, and McBride have to go.

I hate to see these guys go but this is the way the Bears have to be to be anything. I hope that Jerry Angelo gets some kind of generosity and decides to think about the fans and not about himself and actually use the money for a better team. I still say the Bears improve but we really need a new arraignment. I do think he did a good job getting rid of the staff. I respect the man for that.