Arizona: A State of Bandwagon Fans.

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Arizona: A State of Bandwagon Fans.
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Arizona is the state that I have lived in for a few years, and let me tell you, I have never seen more fans that jump ship like the people here. It seems like everyone here is a fan of a team that is successful.

Last year when I moved here it was about midway through the season, when the Cardinals had no thoughts that they would make the Super Bowl. Immediately when they made the playoffs, things started to change, and their fanbase all of a sudden started to grow. The people were jumping from being Patriots, Colts, Chargers, and Cowboys fans, to Cardinals and Steelers fans. The population from when they made the Super Bowl multiplied by millions, and it makes me sick. I walk around my school seeing brand new jerseys, and NFC champions t-shirts, followed by your Pittsburg Steelers, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers fans. Except it seems that the Steelers fans have drifted off after their mediocre season this year. Why? Because these are the teams that are doing great, and the fans are too ashamed to stick with one team if they aren't successful.

Does anyone else have the same kind of people in their state? I know there are many out there in every state, but I have never seen as many as I do in the state of Arizona. About 90% of the people here jump ship. Stick to your teams people that reside in the Grand Canyon State. I guarantee if the Cardinals start to slip, we will see the people that were once Patriots fans, then Cardinal fans, turn to another team. Pathetic? I think so.

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