For Georgia Bulldog Fans, the Rumor Mill is Not a Pleasant Place to Be

Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawgAnalyst IJanuary 11, 2010

I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed today.

I wasn't shocked by Alabama head coach Nick Saban's announcement that defensive coordinator Kirby Smart was staying with the Crimson Tide.

But I was disappointed.

I can certainly understand Smart's decision to stay and I don't hold it against him. But if he wants to get out of Saban's shadow and become a head coach, he could have made a big move by coming to Athens, GA.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt would probably let him call a press conference or two to talk about the defense, instead of speaking for him. In Athens, the defense would have been his, not Saban's.

But that is his decision, not mine, and I wish him well.

So, Dawg Nation, we must move on. 

But until we "officially" move on, I am here to take a stand.

I am sorry, but I refuse to participate in this game any longer. In my book, the "rumor mill has it" has officially had it.

I will no longer check the Bulldog links every hour to see if, rumor has it, a plane just took off from Athens and is heading to Tuscaloosa.

Or that Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans was spotted at a Walmart in Alabama, and he was not looking at the national championship trophy—or so I hear.

I will not scream "yes" in a crowded lunch room because a former Bulldog just tweeted that "it's a done deal with Kirby."

I should have questioned that fact when he followed that up with "of course, that's not 100 percent."


I will not fall for the "(LSU defensive coordinator John) Chavis-is-coming-because-he-wants-to-be-in-the-Eastern-Division-so-that-he-can-go-up-against-the-Vols-every-year" talk all over sports radio.

Did you hear this one? I promise you I heard this: "It's going to be (former Auburn head coach) Tommy Tuberville. Rumor has it, he is actually looking for houses in Athens."

I never fell for that one.

This just in, "It's (Virginia Tech defensive coordinator) Bud Foster; they offered him a deal."

Awesome. I'm excited. I ask, "Where did you read that?"

It was one of those: "My friend knows a guy who works for Virginia Tech, and he overheard two people in the athletic department confirm that it's a done deal."

You know where that one ended.

But wait, not so fast. "According to ESPN..."

Kansas State defensive coordinator Vic Koenning? They offered him—or did they?

It was official—or was it?

A former UGA player (awww, insider information) on the radio just said, "According to his sources..."

So it's Dallas Cowboys defensive line coach Todd Grantham after all—or not?

Richt told us back in early December that it might be January before he found a replacement for defensive coordinator Willie Martinez.

We all laughed. No way; it won't take that long.

He's already offered Kirby a job. It's a done deal.

So what does Richt do now?

Is no one left? Are all the good defensive minds in the country happily employed?

Does no one want to come to Georgia?

Richt said recently that "when he got his man, he would let us know."

I have always believed that Richt is a smart guy and an honest man. I have always had faith that he is the man to run this program.

I have never doubted that.

Today, one month and nine days since Richt fired Martinez, nothing has changed.

The rumor mill can spin. The talk show host can speculate. ESPN can announce that "according to a source close to the situation..."

But until Richt calls a press conference and tells the Dawg Nation who the new defensive coordinator is, I refuse to speculate any longer.

Wait just a minute. Grantham? Are you sure?

Did Lou Holtz just say "Grantham," or did he say, "Gwaham cwackers, pphhtt"?

Well, according to multiple sources, "he was on his cell phone this afternoon for about 30 minutes, and he was over heard saying 'Yes, Mark; yes, Mark.'"

Or at least rumor has it, anyway.