Mark McGwire and a Steroid Era in Perspective

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Mark McGwire and a Steroid Era in Perspective
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Mark McGwire has officially come clean. Late or not, he did it. And he was more sincere than any person I have seen or heard.

Now, the same people who wanted McGwire to come clean are bashing the man. Class act right there, right? They rag on McGwire for cheating the game, after they wanted him to come clean, vowing to praise him once he did.


I guess it boils down to whatever sells papers or ad spaces. Sometimes I wish morals would reach the news world; however, if morals did reach the media, I think the planet would come to a screeching halt. That would be like The Burger King eating a Big Mac (no pun intended there).

Anyway, everyone is chastising McGwire for doing something "he should have done five years ago".

Sorry, what was that? You wanted this then? Maybe you've never faced legal troubles before. Sometimes, your mind goes blank and you go on the advice from your lawyers.

Personally, I like what McGwire did in Congress. He can't face charges of perjury because he did not lie to the Congressional panel by admitting today that he did steroids. Lying to Congress or any jury for that matter is stupid.

Right, Roger Clemens? Right, Barry Bonds?

I would love to see everyone who is criticizing McGwire on the day those two come clean...if they ever do. I'll make this quick point: the only way they'd ever come clean would be for some sort of personal gain. Not McGwire.

Just a quick point about the characters of these three men.

So what would you do? If Clemens came clean, would you praise him for doing it? What about Bonds?

When they appear on the Hall of Fame ballot, do you vote for them (if you had a vote)?

These are questions that are continually posed to fans, and they answer "yes" to both. As for McGwire? A resounding "no" across the board.

This is more of a ramble and me lashing out at the hypocrites in this sport.

Have a nice day.

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