Is Cricket Going The Football Way?

Prthvir SolankiCorrespondent IJune 25, 2008

Billionaire Sir Allen Stanford has just provided a large sum of money for a T20 match. Before that, the IPL was proposed and turned out to be a huge hit and is now a household name. Then, the Champions League Of Cricket was proposed and by the looks of things that will also turn out to be a success.

This is the beginning of the transition of World cricket. Fifty-over cricket might one day become a memory in the minds of people.

Now, we all know that football is played more between clubs than countries. It's the most famous sport on the planet, and every country participates and is part of the FIFA club.

Now, lets take a look at cricket. First, it's Test matches that begin and players like Bradman, Hobbs, Grace, etc are legends. Then comes the 60 over game which suddenly brings out excitement and then is reduced to 50 overs, staying like that for a long time.

But then a revolutionary tournament in 2007 changed things.

After the failure of the Cricket World Cup, the T20 World Cup got attention like that honeycomb at the corner of your room. The fast paced version of the game forced housewives, who watch all the soaps that make you cry, to enjoy the excitement. After that, it's been T20 all along.

With the IPL being a hit, other smaller T20 leagues will surely rise up and soon it will be club cricket rather than country. This is the case in football. Once in a while you get a Euro or a World Cup.

It almost seems sure that fifty-over cricket will be abolished or reduced to a large extent.  But then will people forget the records that Sachin has broken? Or Bradman's amazing average? Or Lara'a 400? The amazing 434 chase by South Africa?

The thing is, even if T20 is on the rise, it's fifty overs and Test that shows the true strength of the player. You ask any young player, they will almost surely say they would want to put on the white shirt for their country. But in the end, it is about the money and ICC is raking it in with T20.

Another motive for the rise of T20 could be the mission for cricket to become an Olympic sport. T20 would be ideal for the Olympics as far as I am concerned. It would be giving a chance for the minnows as well, as the recent declaration of the T20 World cup groups next year showed that there would be two qualifier teams.

Ireland created history in last year's fifty-over World Cup but no one remembers what they exactly did. The ICC is trying to make a game like football out of what cricket is right now.

I dont know, maybe when I'm 20, in 6 years time, fifty-over cricket will be a part of the history of cricket. So what do you think?