@FatKat52's Don't Suck Playoffs Contest

John GustafsonContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

by John Gustafson, john@fantasylion.com

I’m took a break from adding all the rosters to the FantasyLion.com One & Done contest to get in “@FatKat52’s Don’t Suck Playoffs Contest”. In this contest we can use the players as many times as we want. We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, and 1 D. Here’s how my Wildcard lineup looks..

  • QB- Aaron Rodgers - I’m expecting Rodgers to light it up, he was an easy choice. Also QBs get 6 points for TDs in this contest… daddy likey!
  • RB1- Thomas Jones - Jones should touch the rock 20-30 times tomorrow as the Jets try to limit what Sanchez does and keep this one close.
  • RB2- Ray Rice - Despite the big game from McGahee last week, I still like Rice to get his normal touches. This league is PPR scoring making Rice gold, Jerry, gold.
  • WR1- Miles Austin - I have a feeling this game is a shootout and if that’s the case I want Dallas’ big play guy. Miles gets his Larry, so I’m expecting a big play or 2 or a high volume of catches and a score from Austin.
  • WR2- Larry Fitzgerald - My man Fitz. The guy is a beast and no Boldin means he he may see an increase in looks. I also expect this game to be a shootout.
  • WR3- DeSean Jackson - Earlier this week Jackson said on his Twitter, “we gonna sting they ass lil buddy” when talking about this week’s rematch with the Cowboys. Sting that ass DeSean!
  • WR4- Randy Moss - No Welker and some adversity should get Moss fired up for this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Moss goes off.
  • TE- Jermichael Finley - This is kind of a sneaky play. I haven’t looked at any of the other teams’ rosters, but I’m expecting that most of them will have Witten on Celek. I also have Driver and Jennings in another contest so I’m trying to spread my eggs out a little here. If Finley ends up being the top TE this weekend, then that could give me a slight advantage heading into the divisional matchups next week.
  • K - Mason Crosby - No need to get cute here. The Packers score points in bunches and the same should happen Sunday afternoon.
  • D - Bengals - My expectation is that the Bengals come out fired up at home after an embarrassing loss with a lot to play for (loss of Henry & DC Zimmer’s wife earlier this year). Those kinds of emotions can do wonders for a team’s unity and motivation.

Check in later next week to see how I did!