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John GustafsonContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

by John Gustafson, john@fantasylion.com

In this contest hosted by Fantasy Taz, it’s similar to my contest, a one and done, but there are a few differences. I expect this league to be very competitive as there are a lot of industry experts participating in it. Here’s how my team is looking…

  • QB- Kurt Warner - I went with Warner because I expect this game to be a shootout and I don’t expect the Cards to win here, so I want to use Warner and save Rodgers.
  • RB1- Thomas Jones - As I stated in my other blog tonight, Jones should see a high amount of carries. He’s not sexy but the high volume of touches should pay off.
  • RB2- Ray Rice - Everyone knows I love Ray Ray, unfortunately, I don’t love his team’s chances to win this week, so I’ll use him while I can.
  • WR1- Miles Austin - The Eagles should bounce back with a win so like Rice, I’ll want to use Austin while I can.
  • WR2- Larry Fitzgerald - There’s a theme developing with my team. I am going for the studs that I don’t think will win this week. Hopefully I’m right about the Cards losing.
  • WR3- DeSean Jackson - Now I’m going with the Eagles this week, but I wanted to get Jackson in this week. He should have a good game and I feel confident enough in the other options left in the following weeks to still have 3 good starters. Also, if the Eagles do lose, then at least I got 1 game from DeSean.
  • TE- Jason Witten - Generally I don’t like having 2 guys from the same offense in my lineup but between Austin and Witten, one of them should have a good game and if this game turns into a shootout or the Cowboys are playing from behind, then they both might be able to put up stellar numbers.
  • Flex- Steve Breaston - Initally I had Beanie Wells in here, but if the Cards fall behind, they’ll be throwing and Beanie isn’t their primary receiving threat out of the backfield, Hightower is. I don’t think a lot of the guys in this league went with Breaston. However, if Breaston has a good game, then this would a nice sneaky play as he likely won’t be available to do it again next week should the Cards lose.
  • K- Jay Feely - Should the Jets struggle in the red zone, then Feely will be a good guy to have. I’m expecting a close game in Cincy so 2 FGs from Feely isn’t an unreasonable expectation.
  • D- Eagles - This is a go for broke play. It would be easy to have little confidence in the Eagles D this week after their game last week. However, if the Eagles win this week, I have a hunch their D comes up with a big play and forces Romo into some mistakes and maybe even a pick 6. ;)

I’ll let you guys know how I do next week!