The BCS Got It Right With Alabama. But What About Texas?

Wayne SmithCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2010



125.  That's how many young men are on the Texas Longhorns' roster.  125 young men that practiced and played (to some extent, even if it was on the scout team) , 125 young men that helped bring Texas to a 13-0 record, placing them in the biggest game of the season, the BCS National Title Game.  125 young men on the roster, but according to some Texas fans and SEC/Alabama detractors, only one of those young men would be able to give Texas a shot at winning the Title.  Huh?  What?

All astrisks aside, could this be true?  Apparently so, according to a large number of Texas fans.  The cry was heard loud and clear, "If Colt McCoy had played then Texas would have won!"  Is that all you got?  Is Colt McCoy all that Texas had?

Everybody knows that McCoy was Texas' quarterback.  Now we finally know who his back-up was.  Before the BCS Title Game Garrett Gilbert had thrown the football a total of 26 times in actual game scenarios, with 15 completions for 124 yards and 0 TDs. He averaged only 15.5 yards per game.

Texas' leading rusher was Tre' Newton, who played in 12 games this season and had 116 touches for 552 yards.  He averaged only 46 yards per game.  Colt McCoy was their second leading rusher with 129 carries for 348 yards, averaging 24.9 yards per carry.

Texas boasted the #1 defense against the run, but earned that ranking while only playing a single top 25 rushing team (#21 Oklahoma State) who still managed to run for 124 yards.  Alabama's running offense had two 100 yard rushers against the #1 run defense in the Nation.

Nobody knows what the final score would have been had McCoy been able to play the entire 4 quarters, but looking at Texas' stats has convinced me of one thing:  Without McCoy Texas didn't stand a chance.  The Texas Longhorns had allowed themselves to become the singular Texas Longhorn. The Texas McCoys if you will. The other 124 players on the roster had become nothing but bit players.  Even Jordan Shipley, without McCoy's arm, couldn't do what was necessary to keep Texas in the game.

It was never Alabama vs. Texas.  It was Alabama vs. Colt McCoy.  BSU, the only other undefeated team after all the games were played, has found a new rallying cry their fight for BCS respect.  Alabama probably should have been playing them, but only in retrospect.  Cincinatti and TCU had a dog in this fight before their bowl games played out as well.

The BCS was half right in picking who should play for the National Championship.  But a team that has only one player that could give them a possible chance of winning the Trophy should never have been allowed to take the field.