WPS Community Leader Feels Like A Proud Daddy Following Mock Draft

Todd Civin@https://twitter.com/toddcivin1Senior Writer IJanuary 11, 2010

I see her growing up before my very eyes and even though I know that I had a hand in her creation, I marvel at her as she continues to take on a life of her own.

From the moment she was conceived she was so special and so different than her brothers and sisters. Not sure what it was. She caught the eye of everyone who knew about her and with each passing day she becomes more and more extraordinary.

Others seem to know her name and watch her every move. They marvel at how aware, how astute, and how conscious of the world around her that she seems to be. Her friends strive to be a lot like her, but will be hard pressed to duplicate what she has become. 

This past weekend marked one year since she stepped foot into her world and she never looked more spectacular. The world watched as she performed with grace, humor, and style. From the time the curtain rose to the moment it fell, she captivated those who looked on.

Proud Daddy? Absolutely. Not only for what she was and what she is, but for what she is sure to become.

Daddy takes his hat off to the writers of the WPS Bleacher Report Community. Your star continues to shine brightly. Carpe diem, baby. The world knows your name.

Bleacher Report Community leader, Todd Civin, thanks the writers, fans and media people from the Women's Professional Soccer League for their participation in Saturday's mock draft. I encourage you to see Lauren Green's recap , as well as, Jo Ryan Salazar's simulated draft . This group of exceptional writers continues to capture the essence of the WPS and presents more up close and personal interviews than most professional journalists. I am proud to consider them to be my team and strive to be their equal.

An extra special thanks to Rob Penner, WPS Director of Communications, for his support of our grass roots involvement.