NFL: Tight-Ends

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NFL: Tight-Ends

The offense line is made up of the popular kid (the quarterback) and his two best buddies (the wide-recievers and running back). The highlights of a game almost always make-up of a long pass caught by the WR or a break-away run from the RB.

Did you ever thing how that WR got freed up to catch that ball? Or where that hole opened up to let the RB take-off?

A lot of the time that player is the tight end making the block. It’s the NFL’s version of the middle reliever in baseball. The place is unglamorous, the position goes unappreciated but the player is indisp

ensable for a team. They get pegged with false claims of being too slow to not catch, to bulky to receive and to tiny to block.

With names like Vernon Davis, Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Dallas Clark, Kevin Boss, Chris Cooley, Brent Celek you forget how many great players fill this roaster spot.

It sure makes Fantasy Football easier because our of the top 30 tight-ends there are only fine options. TE’s lack of importance in Fantasy is irrelevant to their presence on the field.

The tight-ends make everyone look good. Constantly making a struggling QB look good-by catching a short pass on the fly to gain a few yards or a first down. Most TD’s would not score without the silent help of the offense’s humblest player.

In the end zone their is no sombrero or Ray Lewis dancing to celebrate. Maybe it’s time tight-ends start to take the spot-light themselves?

This season, more than ever, the tight-end’s place is emerging. Witnessing this by fans wearing their jerseys and ESPN showing more of how a highlight became a success.

A future for tight-ends with this current surge, might finally option some street-credit. It’s about time the TE’s become household names and that everyday fan bare their numbers and post their picture on the wall.

Fantasy teams don’t focus on the 10 or so points the one tight-end brings in each week. The only reason for the courtesy is the TE as a whole unit is a position filled with enough solid talent to go around.

The crutch, the quiet guy who never fails, never demands more, but never complains because he is part of a team.  The hardest working players who are the essential components that get taken for granted by us fans.

Hail to the tight-ends because this fan didn’t forget. Sincerely, I thank you for being the secret weapon but FYI the secret is definitely out.

P.S. There is an exception to every rule. For the tight-ends Jeremy Shockey is not a good example, nor the norm in the category. Shockey is a tight-end with a bad attitude who gets attention for it. Overall, the Giants played better without him and his relationship with New Orleans is not great.
T.O. and Chad Johnson (aka. formally known as Ocho-Cinco) draw attention for their attitude but play just as well. Shockey acts like a jerk and fumbles which is uncommon for tight-ends. He is the exception.
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