Genesis Update (Impact Spoilers)

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Genesis Update (Impact Spoilers)
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So with the Impact results for next week already out for a few days and no one really talking about the upcoming PPV, I thought I'll be the first to post my thoughts. Just for understanding, if you don't want to know what happened on Impact, DO NOT READ THIS!!! However, if you already know what is going to happen, continue on.




AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion

We've seen this match quite a few times, true, but these men can go at it. Unlike many wrestling fans who always want to see something new, if two people can continue to make the story interesting and have great matches with each other AND we are guessing who will win, I'm fine with seeing it again. Maybe it is just me, though.

As for this match, it has quite a few dynamics that can make this match very interesting. First off, if Kurt Angle losses, he will not get another shot at the title for the rest of the year. I doubt this will actually happen and he'll probably get a shot once AJ loses or something, but it is a nice stipulation for the match.

Seond and third, there are two men who can make an impact in this match. Ric Flair has been keeping his eye on AJ and looks bitter towards Angle. Could Flair be in the corner of AJ and maybe be his mentor. AJ sure needs someone to teach him the ropes on how to cut a successful promo and Ric can be that guy.

Also, Tomko is revealed as the attacker. Will he have a role in the match? Why is Tomko even back? They can of just randomly had him back in a big multiple person tag match and then disappeared to reappear as the attacker. TNA is pretty bad with debuts and this is just another case of it.

So with all these factors, what will happen? I view Kurt Angle as the Chris Jericho of TNA. Angle doesn't need a title to get himself over. He should be there to help get the younger guys over. And right now, if TNA is going to convince the fans that a youth movement is happening, AJ needs to retain the title against Angle. Though, if this is Angle's last shot, can Angle go the entire year, or even until AJ isn't the champion anymore, with another shot? And if AJ does retain, will the rumored Tomko vs AJ match happen? Is anyone really looking forward to that?


’Your Feature Presentation’ Sean Morley vs Daniels

First off, who is the face and who is the heel in the match? It seems like the former Val Venis was getting the face promo in the show, but the crowd might have been behind Daniels because he has been with TNA since the beginning and Sean is just coming in. Going to be interesting to see how it plays out on TV.

As for the match, Daniels just got done being in the main event of the past two PPV's. The big Monday show, he was giving 5 seconds of camera time just so Foley can get inside the building and get over. This time, he's now in a feud with Val Venis? From having to carry Shane Douglas at Slammiversary in which celebrated TNA's 7 years in existence to now having to go against Morley.

Daniels is an amazing talent and it is a shame he's been giving this crappy one shot feuds. I can only hope and pray that Daniels goes over at Genesis and not have to put over Morley. It's a real shame Daniels has never held the TNA World Championship and him being 38, almost 39 in about two months, who knows if those days are long gone.


Matt Morgan and Hernandez vs World Elite for the TNA Tag Titles

Morgan and Hernandez seem to just be thrown together because TNA doesn't know what to do with them. They want to market them as the future, but with so much going on, they don't have time to put them in a upper card feud. And Hernandez really should have won the TNA World Championship by now, but they really wasted that brief case and just threw him in a 5 way match at No Surrender. They really dropped the ball on that one.

Honestly, I don't think anyone is looking forward to this match. Morgan and SuperMex did appear on the Monday show, but they were highlighted in a 30 second squash match that was so embarrassing, especially with Raven tripping over the ropes. Is that really how you build up a team and make them look as a legit contender?

As for World Elite, where they even on the Monday Night Impact show? And the only time they are shown on TV on Thursday, I believe, is when they jump in a Beer Money vs Morgan/Hernandez match. WWE may not have the biggest tag team field, but at least they give their contenders and champions a good amount of TV time.


Beer Money vs Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

On paper, this match looks good. You got Hall and Nash reforming and for that, people will talk about it. And they are going against the hottest team in TNA, Beer....MONEY! If anything, all Beer Money has to do is bring a keg down to the ring and allow Hall to get wasted. That might be more entertaining than actually watching that match.

Jokes aside, I can already see the outcome as two of the nWo founding members will walk out with the victory. Reason being, Nash won a tag team title shot at the Feast or Fired match. It's no doubt Hall and Nash will probably go for the titles. By picking up a victory over a team like Beer Money, they will look extremely legit. However, is it worth having your most over tag team job to the two old guys, especially with all the talk of being for the young guys and getting them over?


Desmond Wolfe vs The Pope

This match may or may not take place at the PPV. Wolfe got a very impressive win against Samoa Joe on the next Impact and for the fans that decided not to switch over to Raw where they saw JeriShow against DX, they would have seen Pope and Wolfe wrestle in a fairly decent contest.

I hope this match does happen and Wolfe picks up the victory over Pope and avenges himself. Wolfe has had many impressive bouts with Angle, but never went over against Angle on a PPV. Wolfe needs a good showing and win at the PPV to hopefully put himself into the World Title picture in the coming weeks/months. While Pope has his followers, I believe Wolfe is the way to go for the future.


Nasty Boys vs Team 3D

I hope and pray this match does not take place. First off, didn't Team 3D JUST turn heel and they are going back to faces again? And now Rhino and Jesse are out of the picture so the people in TNA can give us this "dream match."

Chances are, this won't be a one match deal either. They will be going back and forth to see who the dominate team really is. My question, when were the Nasty Boys a good tag team at all? I'd rather see the Steiner Brothers or Harlem Heat return than see the out of shape and highly annoying Nasty Boys. Does this really need to be on PPV? And chances are, this will be high up on the card, probably higher than the Tag Team Title match. It's a joke!


The also should be a Women's bout somewhere, Hulk's big appearance on the show, something with Jeff and Mick, and what about Joe and a X-Division match?

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