Michael Schumacher:Where Have You Gone? F1 Turns It's Lonely Eyes To You

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2010

This is an article I wrote in 2008, so I thought a reprinted was appropriate now that "The Great One"  (sorry Gretzky) has officially come back.

Now there is a good reason to watch F1, specially if he can run up front and win races and hopefully championship No. 8.

So enjoy the article, also if your not too bored click on the links to see some clips of the old MS battles.

Here it is, enjoy:

I've been to every web site available looking for the Schumacher era races. After about 10 minutes, it's easy to see why F1 has become so boring.

The thing that becomes apparent in those old races is the fact they are actually racing, yes racing one another.

Someone was always challenging Schumacher. Go figure!

Most noticeable were the battles with Hakkinen and of course the in your face style of Juan Pablo Montoya.

Those were great battles, something worth watching. I was at the edge of my chair and had to keep reminding myself that it was a youtube.com clip and not live.

The Schumacher type, a gladiator if you will, no longer exists, nor do challengers or competitors like Montoya or Hakkinen for that matter.

F1 has become a bunch of very rich young drivers, who probably don't want to make any waves.

They just want to find a comfortable place on the track to take their Sunday drive( just to drive, no racing!) and then go back to their villa and have a vintage wine and cheese with their beautiful ladies.

I was a fan that got up at 7 am on a Sunday, fixed myself a big breakfast and got ready to watch the race. I would also stay up for the late night races.

I have a new program as an F1 fan, DVR , so I can sleep in and then watch the last 10 laps. Actually the last 10 laps look exactly the same as the first 10. 

Sorry my dear hardcore F1 fans, but it is boring. I was watching a Formula Atlantic race on the Speed Channel and that was more fun. 

All is not lost, there is a new young German who may just wake this series up. Now all you need is another hot headed South American and we are in business.

Side note:  Maybe MS will bring back some of the old magic, someone give Montoya a call I'm sure Michael will be glad to see him. Yea right!

Here are some links, enjoy!