Fraudulent BCS Drives Pete Carroll from USC To the NFL

Jon Sarver@ IJanuary 10, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 07:  Southern California head coach Pete Carroll stands on the sidelines during the Citi BCS National Championship game between the Texas Longhorns and the Alabama Crimson Tide at the Rose Bowl on January 7, 2010 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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Fraudulent BCS Drives Carroll from USC


As the minutes tick down in the Pete Carroll era it can now be said that the fraudulent BCS drove Coach Carroll away from USC.  Carroll has always been a strong advocate of a college football playoff.  (Check out our College Football Playoff plan), however, his criticism has been strangely muffled at times. 

There are several factors that have led to this departure and we know what they are. They have to do with the fact this his teams have not been allowed to"compete" at the end of the season. 

We think he wants a playoff and he just got sick of it!

Why we believe are we on to the reason for his departure? 

Carroll's mantra has been, "Always compete!"  The current BCS system has relegated USC and Carroll to "what if" spectators for several seasons while the heavily influenced East and South weighed in on who should represent college football in the BCS National Championship.

There have been at least four years (you can make an argument fo six years and we will)  when USC had the argument that they were the best team in the country but were left out of the big dance due to East coast bias and Southern region politics as well as the lousy BCS selection system!

2002 - Carroll revives a long dormant USC program in about six months.  Excuse me, people are conferring "saint hood" on Nick Saban for bailing on LSU, then Miami and turning the Tide around in three years. 

It took Carroll six months to turn USC around.  His first recruiting class was ranked No. 12 by Scouts and No. 13 by Scouts which confirms our earlier statement.  His 2002 team wound up be ranked No. 4 and was clearly playing the best football in the country at the end of the season.  Additionally, at one point in the decade the 2002 USC team had over 35 players from that team in the NFL.  You do the math!

2002 was the year that Ohio State squeaked through several games and then "got lucky" against Miami to go 14-0 and win the BCS Championship.  Would USC, after dismantling the second best Big 10 team in the country, be represented the next week? In our opinion: YES! 

If college football was like every other sport in this country they would have had a chance to prove it.  We think Carroll wins his first National Championship in 2002. The fact that they were reduced to throwing oranges after the game bothered Pete Carroll more than we knew at the time.

They were not allowed to "compete" to the end in 2002!

2003 - USC gets hosed again, but this one was really unbelievable.  The humans rank USC number 1 at the end of the regular season,  but the computers give the nod to LSU and Oklahoma to represent in the BCS National Championship game.  Carroll was classy as usual in his comments but he did claim college football needed a playoff. 

Carroll, who is the best bowl coach we have ever seen, gets his troops ready to cream No. 4 Michigan and they claim the AP Championship which cannot be fooled by silly formulas. The problem is they "claim" the championship and it is never earned on the field!

LSU beats Oklahoma for the BCS National Championship and claims to be No. 1.  How many of you believe that?  We think USC throttles LSU in the real championship game  35-21 and all that talk about Nick Saban being the best college football coach "right now" in college football goes away and Carroll gets the respect he deserves as the "clear cut" coach of the decade.

The championship Saban just won would have been his first.  Great for Alabama, Big deal in reality!  The recent comparisons of Nick Saban being a genius and Pete Carroll being a "has been"  has led to this decision as well.  Why put up with a flawed system that doesn't produce a real champion?

They were robbed of the opportunity to "compete" to the end in 2003!

2004 - USC and Oklahoma run through the schedule both undefeated and then meet in the biggest BCS National Championship mismatch in history.  Carroll was at the top of the world and USC was clearly the best team in the country unless you are from that other Alabama school who was undefeated as well.   it should have been USC and Auburn in the real championship or maybe both teams lose in the playoffs.  Who knows!  Carroll has always taught the Trojans to win it on the field and with the BCS they can't do that.

Carroll was happy for his team but that championship will always be tainted by Auburns claim of being number one.  Auburn even had a celebration.  Only in college football can these kinds of things happen.  Pete found himself defending a broken system and anyone could tell how frustrated he really was.

Their championship looks good on paper, but once again the system robbed them of the opportunity to "compete" to the end.

2005 - This season produced a No. 1 and No. 2 who were both undefeated.  However, it was clear by the last regular season game against Fresno state that USC's defense was hemorrhaging, so a championship against Texas could not be assumed.  Reggie Bush made sure it wasn't going to happen and LenDale White helped by not doing what he was able to do his whole career and that was gain two yards in a critical situation.

If there was a playoff, would USC and Texas have been a shoe in for the BCS Championship? there were several one loss teams in the top 10 that year who may have re arranged the whole scene had they been allowed to "prove: it on the field." Carroll was complimentary of the Texas win in those final seconds.  He always felt that the BCS Championship has a ridiculous "break" from the regular season to that game.  He felt you "compete" on the field and do it regularly. 

The BCS system does not allow you to do that consistently.  We think USC does win a playoff that year bringing Carroll a third straight legitimate national championship.  That is not to take away anything from Texas.  They did what Reggie Bush and  LenDale White allowed them to do and won it.  Ouch!

2006 -  USC 11-2 and lays an egg against UCLA 13-9 and is kept out of the BCS National Championship game in a rebuilding year. When have you seen Florida or Alabama or LSU do that is a rebuilding year?  Carroll then prepares his team to dismantle the Big 10 once again.  We started to see the annual love fest with the SEC and Ohio State in 2006 and Carroll was getting more frustrated but sticking to the party line.

We believe USC, and possibly Boise State make big noise in a playoff and Florida very likely does not win that "first"  championship.  Carroll was really frustrated at this one as he said, "Our team is playing the best of any team in the country right now!"  We think USC could have legitimately beat Florida,  possibly giving Carroll his fourth championship in a row.  That's why you play it on the field, so you can determine the best team at the end of the season.  "Always compete!"

2007 -  LSU goes 12-2 while USC goes 11-2 and dismantles Illinois in the Rose Bowl.  Pete was always cool about the "Trojan Invitational Rose Bowl" but you knew he wanted a shot against a team that had lost the same number of games. This is the second time in four years that LSU gets the nod over USC.  Pete could have won this one too.  Do you think Nick would be as highly rated as he is now had Pete's team had been allowed to "compete?"

We think USC beats LSU straight up on the field and proves they are the best team at the end of the year.  Instead, Les Miles is the newest genius using Nick Saban's players.  Pete Carroll often expressed his frustration with a system as messed up as the BCS.  You can't always compete, when you are sold out to big money and TV, along with the Bowls, as the BCS is! 

Carroll's team is not allowed to "compete" on the field when it "counts" most.

2008 - USC dismantles Penn State in the Rose Bowl 38-24 in a game that was over in the first quarter.  They  then watched helplessly as Florida claims another championship despite having the same number of losses, again!

We think USC has a great shot at dominating a tough Florida team with a solid offense and a unbelievable defense that could have controlled Tim Tebow and the Gators.  Once again Carroll's team was not allowed to win it on the field and it was clear he was getting very frustrated with this failed BCS system.

2009 - Gee, Carroll's team comes to earth; the BCS is in a shambles and the USC athletic department seems to be at odds with Pete.  So are you really surprised that the man has had enough!  He can go to the NFL and we have to think he will be allowed to win a legitimate championship on the field.  Now Pete will be allowed to "always compete!"

This is in spite of the fact that this man is ideally made up for college football.  It is a true shame he is leaving.  We are USC fans and we developed to bring fairness to college football. 

College football has lost their ambassador and USC has lost their leader.  Too bad this failed system ran him off.   We've got a better idea, please check it out it's the 16 Team GridIron Gauntlet college Football Playoff.  To get it, we will have to join together.  Read more now!


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