Quoth the Raven: Baltimore Upsets New England Patriots in Wild Card

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2010

In what must have been a very satisfying victory for Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens upset the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, 33-14, with a stout defense that we've come to expect from the Ravens.

Not only that, but the Ravens would supply 33 points, including four offensive touchdowns, which is much different than Baltimore's MO.


This postseason loss is the first time ole Brady the Bastard-maker has lost at home, and is Brady's first postseason appearance since the Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants and the Manning to Tyree play, which I have called, "The Truth."

Earlier this season, Brady would laugh in the face of Lewis after Brady intentionally took a late hit by Lewis, in order to draw a penalty under, "The Brady Rule."

Who's laughin' now, Brady?  Oh right, Pat fans were booing.  Now, nobody likes Brady, not even Patriot fans.

Three Ravens including Lewis would apply three sacks and two picks on the day. Looks like a few Ravens wanted to come back to torture the soul of Brady.


Once the corrupt are forced to face the truths that they know but no one can prove, that is when their self-implosion begins.  Haunted by a truth (Spygate) that serves as an irreversible catalyst to your demise.


It then seems fitting that I should apply an old song I once wrote, considering my reference to Edgar Allen Poe's, "The Raven."  And let me say that this is not to equate myself to Poe. 

Nevertheless, I could not help but remember what I had written as an interpretation of Greek tragedy. And I use Greek tragedy, because Brady does evoke questions of whether his son will have an Oedipus complex.

“Distinguished for Nothing”

Once, I was a man
Once, I knew where I was headed
But I did not see the dead end
Because I knew where I was headed

I knew more than the others
But I fell through the cracks
So I knew nothing more
For I did not know the others

I lost myself in a sea of arrogance
Because I hated those of arrogance
And I did not see how foolish I am
‘Cause I ran out of reasons for who I am