Five Things Right and Wrong with Citi Field

Jeff WalsteinContributor IJanuary 10, 2010

Most Mets fans have a love-hate relationship with their team. It's been said "No one hates the Mets more than Mets fans." 

There has been a lot of negative talk about Citi Field, and I feel as if the size of the field itself is taking away from the beauty of the actual ballpark. So let's try to evaluate Citi Field after its first year. Here are five thing the Mets did right, and five things the Mets did terribly wrong with Citi Field in 2009.


1.  It's a Pitchers' Park

The Mets have been a team revolved around pitching since they came into the league.  The Mets have had some the greatest pitchers in baseball over the past 48 years, but only a few impact hitters. Citi field may be a little too big, but the Mets had the right intentions. The last thing I would want Citi Field to be is Citizens Bank Park or Yankee Stadium.


2. The Pepsi Porch

I love the idea of having the Pepsi Porch extend over the playing field eight feet. It doesn't change the game any and gives the park an old-school feel. I recommend the next time you go to Citi, get there early and head out for the right field seats for an interesting view.


3. Seventh Inning stretch

It wouldn't be a game in Flushing without the classic Lou Monte's Lazy Mary . This was one aspect from Shea that had to be brought over into Citi Field. Believe it or not, but the transition from Take Me Out To the Ballgame into Lazy Mary is uncanny. 


4. The Apple

Many Mets fans have complained about the lack of Mets heritage in the new Stadium, but the Mets did one thing right when they re-created a new state-of-the-art "Big Apple" to place past the center field fence at Citi Field.


5. Victory Song

You know you had a good time in Flushing when you hear Taking Care of Business blasting after an Amazins' victory.




1. Sweet Caroline

The Mets tried to go Red Sox when they attempted to get fans to sing along to Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline . Nobody sang and it was quite embarrassing. After numerous complaints from fans, the Mets made up for it by holding a poll to decide which song should replace it.


2. Ticket Prices

The Mets tried to convince season ticket holders to keep their seats by lowering ticket prices up to 10 percent from the 2010 season. Too bad they jacked up the priced 30 percent the year before. It's hard to go to a game that costs a month's income.


3. The Name

Citi Bank gives off a bad image. Here's a company that is technically using government bailouts to pay the Mets $400 million for the naming rights of their stadium. It could be a worse name, but I wish they would have found another sponsor who could have ponied up the money.


4. The Quirky Outfield Fence

The main problem with the dimensions at Citi Field is not the dimensions, it's the height of the fences. It's up, down, all around. It's the most bizarre looking thing I've ever seen, and the colors of it are terrible. This is one thing that could be altered.


5. Lack of Mets History

The Mets honored the Dodgers almost as much as they honored the past Mets teams in the inaugural season at Citi Field. I understand naming the rotunda after Jackie Robinson. Jackie never played in LA and is not celebrated that much out west.

The Mets are a National League team in New York who rose from the ashes of the Dodgers and they need to pay their respects to Robinson. That being said, they need to add more Mets history to the park and it's been said they will do just that for the 2010 season.