Competion: Who's Got It For The UFC?

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJune 24, 2008

The UFC is the Super Bowl of Mixed Martial Arts.  I've been told that by a wise man.  However, there has to be other promotions that are willing to get into the ring with the UFC and go five rounds, right? 

I have listed below the top four brands outside the UFC that have a shot of competing with the big boys.  Please, I understand better than anyone that you may have differences in opinion than what I do.  I respect that, expect that, and hope that you voice your opinions. 

Just do it in the correct way without any discriminating or put down remarks.  I don't like them.  Thank you.

1) Elite XC

With a guy named Kimbo, how good can your promotion be?  Well hate it or love it, their promotion is so far the top contender for the UFC. 

Gary Shaw and Dana White already have their personal feud going, and though I don't know how successful or good for the sport their opening was in May, nevertheless it was the first MMA event held on Network T.V.  As long as Carano, Lawler, and Kimbo stay, they'll be in business

2) Affliction

Trust me I know that this is a very upstart promotion.  Yet, no one can deny how stacked their first PPV card is.  They have Fedor finally fighting a halfway decent guy in Tim Sylvia, and Andrei Arlovski fighting an IFL God in Ben Rothwell. 

Now I'm not a fan of Rothwell, but it's certainly a name guy, and if the Affliction Banner can gain a few more UFC type of guys, we could hear from them in the future

3) Dream

This too is an upstart promotion and it doesn't have anyone of any name fighting for it, and if they do, it's sparingly.  You see guys like Nick Diaz and Gomi come in every now and then and put on a decent fight, but other than that...the organization has much work to do

4) Strikeforce

This should be called Frank Shamrock's promotion, as it seems his name is the only name value on this organization.  They don't have much value yet, but with some acquisitions, they may be back in business.  Not till then though

The Best of the Rest:

BodogFights—I thought Fedor was supposed to be the big man for them. Stupid Russia.

HDNet—Anything run by Mark Cuban will lose.  Look at the Mavericks.

IFL—I can't believe a man that is almost bankrupt is hating on Dana White.

WEC—This is owned by Dana, so this doesn't count.  Actually, Dana does seem to be the only one that can beat himself.

Whatever promotion Tito comes up with—Listen Tito Ortiz.  I think you're a great fighter.  And maybe even a better actor/businessman.  However, I think you're a better fighter than promoter, and beating Dana takes a better businessman than fighter.  Go back to the UFC and make up with Dana please

Well that's the list.  Again, please comment and make any corrections that I may have goofed up on, as I'm not the MMA god.  But I feel I hold my own in an MMA discussion.  Also visit my Web site. Enjoy.