From Bad Boys to Goin' to Work Men: My Favorite Detroit Pistons

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From Bad Boys to Goin' to Work Men: My Favorite Detroit Pistons
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The late, great Detroit Pistons head coach Chuck Daly won two NBA championships with some of the toughest basketball players ever to play the game.

They were called every name in the book and then some.

To Detroit Pistons fans like me, they were simply called "The Bad Boys."

It's no wonder why my top Piston players are mostly from these teams.

But, a few sneak in from the "Goin' to work" team.

Let me fill you in on my favorites.

1. Isiah "Zeke" Thomas, Point guard (1981-1994)

The leader in so many ways, Isiah was "The Man" on the Court for the Pistons his whole career.

He sliced and diced his way through NBA defenses and had a mean windy city jump shot that when needed would win big games.

Isiah's tough attitude and desire to win no matter how hurt or how bad the odds, will always be loved and remembered by me.

Isiah played his college ball at Indiana.

2. Bill Laimbeer, Center (1982-1994)

If you wanted a tough man to play defense, Bill was your man. Bill at 6' 11" 260  pounds was a force underneath the basket. He was the original "Bad Boy." You either hated him or loved him.

Bill was was one of the main reasons the Pistons had their winning teams.

He would grab rebounds, play defense and he could step behind the three-point line.

Bill played his college ball at Notre Dame.

3. Dennis Rodman, Small Forward (1986-1993)

A rebounding and defensive guru Dennis would lay it out on the line night in, night out.

Loved the way he used to tap the rebound to himself and get out on the fast break then dunk the ball and raise his finger in the air.

Every great team needs a Rodman-type player to do the dirty work.

Dennis was named to seven all-defensive teams. and if they had a all-rebounding team he would of made it every season.

Dennis played his college ball at Southeastern Oklahoma State.

4. Joe Dumars, Guard (1985-1999)

Without Joe Dumars, the Pistons would have never won back-to-back NBA Titles and MIchael Jordan would have scored 60 points against them every game.

The great Michael Jordan said, "No one played better defense against (him) than Joe did."

Joe retired and went to the front office of the Pistons.

Joe played his college ball at McNeese State.

5. Tayshaun Prince, Forward, (2002-current roster)

Tayshaun is my favorite player on the current Pistons team. He is currently battling an injured back.

Tayshaun can hit a three-pointer or go hit a hook shot and he's a pretty good defender.

At 6' 9" Tayshaun is blessed with long arms and does a great job blocking shots.

He is the best Joe Dumars draft pick by far.

Tayshaun played his college ball at Kentucky.

6. Ben Wallace, Forward/center, (2000-2006, 2010-present)

Ben Wallace is another player to come in and do the dirty work. Great at rebounding but, not so hot at ther free throw line. I think the problem with Ben's free throw shot doesn't have alot of power to spare. Of course, Thats my weak take on it.

Ben's a terrific defender who always draws playing D against the oppositions biggest players.

Played his college ball at Virginia Union.

7. John "Spider" Salley, Forward, (1986-1992)

A member of four NBA title teams (two with the Pistons) John was a good rebounding and bench player.

John is also known for his acting career.

John was the comedian on the team.

8. Jerry Stackhouse, Guard/Forward (1998-2002)

I followed Jerry's career from the time he left North Carolina and always hoped he would play for the Pistons.

Jerry can flat out shoot the rock. At 6'6", he could play at either shooting guard or small forward.

Jerry was traded to the Washington Wizards for Richard Hamilton. A move when I first saw it, I was like, "What are you doing, Joe?"

That trade seemed to work out all right.

9. Rasheed Wallace, Forward/Center (2004-2009)

What can you say about Rasheed that hasn't been in print already? Not much.

You got to like a man who just says what's on his mind.

He showed his passion for the game and he would have fit in with the "Bad Boys."

Rasheed, Like Mark Aguirre years earlyer, came in to help the Pistons to win a championship and he did just that.

Through all the technical fouls and the fines issued to him by the league, Rasheed would do whatever to help his team win.

Rasheed's game face is flat-out scary, and intense is a word that comes to mind.

He is another player like Bill Laimbeer who you either loved or hated.

Rasheed played his college ball at North Carolina.

10. Terry Mills, Power forward, (1992-1997, 1999-2000)

As a Michigan basketball fan, I followed Terry's career in the NBA. Terry could could score down by the basket or shoot a three.

Read recently that Terry would like to get into coaching. I hope a team gives him the chance.

Fill me in on your all-time Detroit Pistons Players.

Who are the players you liked the most?

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