Purdue-Wisconsin: Live-Tweeting The First Boilermakers Loss Of 2009-10

Tim CarySenior Analyst IJanuary 9, 2010

MADISON, WI - JANUARY 27: Chris Kramer #3 of the Purdue Boilermakers drives around Trevon Hughes #3 of the Wisconsin Badgers on January 27, 2009 at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Purdue defeated Wisconsin 64-63. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Purdue and Wisconsin clashed today in a top-20 showdown at Madison, and I was watching (and tweeting) every minute. Here's the Boilermakers' first loss of the 2009-10 season, summed up in 140-character instant commentary.

Time for tipoff from Madison...Wisconsin's got it. 1st random thought of the day: only game in America w/ a "Keaton" starting on each team?

Definition of bad PUR defensive possession: 30 seconds of good defense followed by 1 horrible decision to bail out opposing offense. #foul

Hummel misses a three-pointer. Not a good start. If this team ever hit outside shots consistently, they'd be undefeated. Oh, wait.

Boilers trail 8-0 early. It's too early to ask if it's time for football season yet, right? :) #makeashotalready

Speaking of football, Danny Hope's team got shut out in Madison too, right? #itsstillearlybutweneedtomakeafreethrow 8-0 Badgers.

If you think E'Twaun Moore meant to bank that 15-foot straightaway jumper in, I have some Florida swampland and 8-track tapes to sell you.

Never seen #Purdue trap the ball so much...willing to help off their man. Intensity on D has really picked up. Kudos to Barlow especially.

Not loving the fact that #Boilers are shooting 33% from the FT line. Am loving strong rebound from JJ & beautiful move to rim by Barlow.

Patrick Bade has yet to master the idea of standing still while setting a ball screen. According to the rules, that is...bad.

And-one for Moore! PUR's motion offense looks very crisp, especially w/ cuts to the ball. That opened up a beautiful driving lane for No. 33

Memo to #Boilermakers: we're supposed to force dumb turnovers, not make them. Please clean that up, k? Thanks.

Johnson knocks down a long outside jumper. Maybe he should shoot free throws from there? Good news for PUR, now tied despite 2-7 at FT line.

You know Purdue's stifling defense is working as designed when A. opponents try to throw back-door passes & B. Boilers gobble them up anyway

Purdue getting a surprising number of whistles @ Kohl Center. Yeah, that won't last. Boilers now on world's quietest 14-2 run and lead by 4.

Bo Ryan complains, Moore gets back-to-back cheap fouls. Let's take a poll; which Big Ten team/coach do u hate the most? I know my choice!

JaJuan Johnson has 7 rebounds. So does Wisconsin.

Bade comes off the edge, beats the left tackle, and records a sack! He leaves bodies in his wake, and...oh yeah...basketball. Sorry.

I'm officially setting the over-under on number of people that will foul out of this game at four players and one coach. What say you?

That was only the 1st foul on someone? Miracles never cease. Great pump fake by Hummel, who gets landed on by a 200-pounder for his trouble.

Can someone tell the #Boilermakers that the recipe to winning in one of the country's toughest venues includes making free throws? Thanks.

Horrible close-out there by Barlow...didn't get his hand up until the three-pointer for Taylor was already in the air. Challenge that!

Great commentary by Shon Morris on @bigtennetwork right now. Moore's on the bench w/ 2, so Hummel's taking things into his own hands for PUR

Horrible timeout by WISC there. Only 2 seconds on shot clock anyway, & you're going to waste TO trying to get ball in for hopeless cause?

Danger zone for Boilers here...down 3 with 1:30 to go before halftime. Momentum squarely with Bucky and his Badgers.

Okay so the elbow may have been inadvertent...but don't you think the Wisconsin player should have at least looked back when he hit Hummel?

I'd give him a foul whether or not he tried to hit Rob. Not all fouls are intentional...but Wilson had to feel the contact as they collided.

Somebody out there want to put together a highlight video of all the Purdue players in last few years that have drawn elbows to face?

Hummel with 1000 career points. If it weren't for the back injury, who would have more career points, RH or E'Twaun Moore? Discuss. #boilers

Boilers trail by 1 at intermission. PUR 0-4 from 3-pt line, WIS 3-10. I'll go out on a limb & say whichever team makes more 2nd-half 3s wins

Getting ready for 2nd half. Crucial for E'Twaun Moore to not pick up 3rd foul early. PUR will need his offense. Opportunity for big road W.

Interesting that Barlow's on the floor so early (did he start the 2nd half?). I love his athleticism, but he has to knock down the open J...

3 minutes played in second half...team fouls: Wisconsin 3, Purdue 0. I love Big Ten road games.

Big-time dunk by Wisconsin's Nankivil after he snared back-to-back offensive rebounds...Badgers only had 2 off. boards the entire 1st half.

GOALTENDING: a violation that involves touching or deflecting a ball that is on its downward path toward the basket (defintion from m-w.com)

Sorry the tweets have slowed down the last few mins. My mommy told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Boilers down 14 and Painter calls for time. Purdue's defense & rotation has sunk to the level of its free throw shooting in the second half.

Stat from @BigTenNetwork: Bo Ryan 62-5 against conference teams at Kohl Center. Impressive that PUR has back-to-back wins in Madison!

Johnson to Hummel to Moore for the hoop and the foul. When in doubt, let the junior class take over...

Kramer limping on that last trip & he'll be replaced in the lineup. Hopefully nothing too serious; Boilers can't afford to lose their leader

Kramer back in lineup and grabs rebound...and all of the blue-faced Boilermaker nation exhales simultaneously.

E'Twaun Moore for three! Boilers within single digits...and Leuer hits a mid-range jumper, so the lead stretches back to 11.

After a big-time take by Barlow, Wisconsin answers right back...Purdue needs to stem the tide in a hurry. Good news is there's lots of time.

The real problem for Boilers is at the defensive end. They have to be more consistent. WIS only shot 33% from floor in first 20 minutes.

Referee trying to explain to Painter (to no avail) how Johnson can get ball knocked away by 2 Badgers and Wisconsin gets possession. Grr...

Moore with another mid-range banker. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he actually intended that one...

Robbie Hummel just came up with the worst miss of his three-year Purdue career. Airballed a wide-open 3-pt jumper from the corner. Ouch.

Trying to put myself out of my misery by envisioning how good this team would be with Lewis Jackson & Sandi Marcius. And it's not working.

Wisconsin shooting 80% from the foul line. Do the Ten Commandments say something about coveting thy opponent's free throw percentage?

Boilers hanging around within eight. If my memory serves me, they hit big 3s down stretch last year to steal a win @ Kohl. Here's hoping...

Crucial offensive rebound for Badgers on the jump ball keeps the ball away from #Boilermakers for another 35 seconds. Bad time for that.

JaJuan Johnson didn't get any piece of the ball on that shot block. So we do get a break today. But just one...

Down three possessions with 90 seconds to go, I don't think I'd be drawing up a play for reserve guard Ryne Smith. But that's just me.

Moore hits another outside jumper to cut the lead to 6. PUR hasn't forced enough turnovers to win so far; will that change in last 78 secs?

My wife thinks choosing to foul up 6 with 1:15 to play was a poor decision. Maybe she can write the commentary next game. Good point.

Badgers about to put this one away. The scary part for Purdue is that they weren't respected nationally w/ 0 losses; this will hurt ranking.

Larrivee sounding a tad too excited about Badgers' win for my taste. You'd think it was the Packers' announcer calling WISC game. Oh, wait.

Hummel banks in a 3 to cut the lead to 5. That's why he should always shoot from top. Just as long as airball from corner a few mins ago!

Final score: Wisconsin 73, Purdue 66. Thanks for following along!


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