When Will Charles Of Reeltown Move?

RONALD MILAMContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

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The  droves  of automobiles   are headed   for  Reeltown ,Alabama  in hopes  that ST. NICK  opps  I mean  ST.  CHARLES  will  soon  be  headed  for  Georgia.As  most of the Bama nation knows  Charles who is a regular caller on the Paul Finebaum radio  show made a statement a few days after Bama beat Florida  and I  quote' if Ingram  wins the Hiesman  and Alabama  wins the championship im going to move to Georgia  I cant  take it".  Well  charles  THE TIME HAS COME.Well  Charlie  old boy if  you can  while you are there see if gov. Purdue will annex Auburn  into the great state of Georgia  because they will allways be the redheaded stepchild  in Bama nation. Appoliges  to all  the red headers. But  alas you know what charlie boy you would be 3rd in the state of Georgia  in  S.E.C. championships  Georgia tech has 6 SEC trophies  and they havent played in the SEC  in almost 50  years. Poor  charlie.We  have had offers from  moving  bussineses  to move old Charlie  boy  for free. Hes all the rage on the Finebaum show  will Charles call in on Monday? will Charles  move to Georgia? will Charles have a nervous breakdown?  will  Charles  turn into a CRIMSON TIDE FAN? just kidding Charley  boy.Tune in this time next week to see iffffff.  its  like a  old timing serial. But  all things must end  Bama  nation  there is no way hear  me no way Charles will ever move from the great state of Alabama. When all you Bama fans are sitting around T.V. on saturdays pulling for the Tide charlie boy  in secret has his little Bama blanket pulled up around  him and hes having flashbacks. Daddy please dont hit me in the head no more i promise I will throw this Bama blanket away. But  crimson men he never did  he hid it away and whenever his dad was away from the house for awhile on saturdays charles would pull that blanket out and say  sheepisly  roll  tide  roll hence his hesitancy  to pull  for Bama  in public  but  behind closed doors little Charley pulls out his little Bama blanket  and pulls for the CRIMSON TIDE  so  folkes dont run little Charley out of town.  He cant help it.