Maxi Rodriguez The Solution For Liverpool??

Rishabh JainContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

MADRID, SPAIN - DECEMBER 08:  Maxi Rodriguez of Atletico Madrid gestures during the UEFA Champions League Group D match between Atletico Madrid and FC Porto at the Vicente Calderon stadium on December 8, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Liverpool this season have been far from their best,but as far as this transfer of Maxi Rodriguez is concerned I really am having a good gut feeling that he would be huge success at LFC,the reasons are quite obvious.

-: He is willing to take a pay cut to play for the club,which in this age of football is very very rare,shows his generosity and the supporters are going to love him for this.

-: He has his national team captain in the LFC team,that will give him a boost to perform well as Mascherano's advice wont go unheard by Maradona.

-:Rafa Benitez speaks his language making it easier for him to communicate with him and follow his instructions by the time he learns to speak English.

-:Torres,his former teammate will also make him more thrilled to play.

Many fans would be pleased to see Rodriguez come in - has experience and will provide good cover for both wings. 

I fully expect Rodriguez to have a positive impact in the second half of the season. He’s a natural winger who will give the team the width it’s been lacking for far too long. It also takes the pressure of Dutch international Dirk Kuyt, who’s been the only player with enough quality to fulfil the role on Liverpool’s right hand side. I don’t however think that Rodriguez will be the world-beater everyone’s expecting. We shouldn’t forget he’s not even first-choice at a struggling Athletico Madrid and yet we expect him to come in and set the world on fire. It’s just not going to happen.

Expect great things from Maxi Rodriguez, but don’t expect miracles.